Concern raised over plans for pedestrian route could result in loss of historic trees in Tamworth

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Outcry has been expressed by members of Tamworth and District Civic Society over plans to introduce a second pedestrian route to the town’s train station, which could result in the loss of historic trees, The Tamworth Herald has reported.

Members of the group are calling on Staffordshire County Council to rethink their proposals which will see a “new gateway” for walkers created at Tamworth train station along Victoria Road.

They feel that the new linkage could lead to the loss of the trees on the road, which could impact on the town’s heritage.

David Biggs, chairman of Tamworth and District Civic Society, said: “We have expressed reservations about the proposed “gateway” scheme from Tamworth Railway Station.

“We feel that there is an implication in the landscaping section of the proposal which regards the trees in Victoria Road as a nuisance that should be removed.

“Some alarmed residents have gained the same impression and told us that they strongly disagree with the authority.

“We are unimpressed by the suggestion of removing further trees as the avenue of trees was integral to the design and character of this Victorian road.

“We have submitted our thoughts on how the road can sensibly be improved and enhanced to, once again, impress visitors and residents.”

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Image courtesy of The Tamworth Herald