Community divided over fate of blossom trees on Aberdeen street

by | May 24, 2016 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

A community on a leafy Aberdeen street has been divided over the fate of 14 historic trees. Bonnymuir Place, in the Midstocket area of the city, could have its cherry blossoms removed as part of the council’s annual pavement improvement programme.

The roots of the trees spread out and cause damage to the slab paving currently in place and are set to be replaced by others with roots that grow downwards.

If approved work would be scheduled to take place between September and December.

But many residents on the street have criticised the plan fearing the street will lose its “unique character”.

Council chiefs say if there is strong enough opinion for keeping the trees they will be retained with tarmac put in place of the slabs.

Dr Lauren Briley said: “It would be a shame if they did remove them, they look beautiful from the window.”

Cheryl Walker added: “I agree that (the damage of the roots is) bad on some on the pavements but (the trees) are very old and add character to the street.”

But one resident, who didn’t wish to be named, said: “I go running quite a lot and I do see the damage the roots are doing.

“They’re lovely to look at this time of year but I worry about some older people or children tripping up on the pavements.”

Midstocket and Rosemount councillor Bill Cormie urged residents to make their feelings known.

He said: “These trees are very important to people on the street and residents must let the council know their views.

“I worry this new way of replacing slabs because it’s not just ugly but it doesn’t last and cracks up.”

An Aberdeen City Council spokeswoman said: “We will be asking residents in Bonnymuir Place what they want to do about the cherry blossom trees, which unfortunately are causing considerable damage to pavements.

“If residents want to keep the trees, we would replace the paving slabs with tarmac as it flexes better with the roots.

“Alternatively, if residents would prefer the paving slabs are replaced, the cherry blossoms would have to be taken down and replaced by other trees.

“We are quite flexible on this one and are ready to listen to what residents want – we hope they get in touch.”