CMC lift UK announce that they are exhibiting for the first time at the APF show this September

by | Aug 19, 2022 | Latest, News, Promotion

CMC lift UK are pleased to announce that they are exhibiting for the first time at the APF show this September, stand number 60-100 IN. They will bring several machines from their range that have been designed with the Arborist in mind. 

CMC i23

CMC lift UK, formally known as Tracked Spider Sales, started trading in November 2019 and sells exclusively CMC aerial platform lifts and their bespoke trailers. The CMC UK team has over 45 years of combined experience in the access industry. Over the last few years, with careful marketing, excellent customer service, strategically placed specially trained UK engineers, and support from CMC global, they have grown their UK market (including Ireland) to just over 400 machines and counting. CMC lift global is an Italian manufacturer that has been manufacturing Tracked Spider aerial lifts for over 30 years. Their headquarters are in Bari, which is in the southeast of Italy. At the Bari site, they have a 30,000 square meters factory space where they manufacture all the spiders within all their ranges. CMC call these families. There are six different ‘families’ with over 13 models, with heights ranging from 13 to 41 meters.

Due to their extensive range of Tracked Spider Aerial Lift Platforms, the build quality, reliability, and competitive pricing points. The CMC brand is increasing in popularity with end-users and hire companies in the UK.


One of the secrets to the longevity and success of CMC global is that they invest 20% of their annual turnover into research and development. They constantly look to improve the design and build quality by focusing on product development, technology, innovation, and research. By listening to your ideas and the emerging needs of the Arboriculture Industry, CMC has developed a range of machines with features and benefits perfect for work in the Arb sector. For example, all their machines have long track bases, making them more stable over rougher terrain. The platforms have width adjustable tracks allowing you to negotiate garden gates, paths, and other narrow access points. The machines also have variable outrigger positioning. So, you can set up perfectly in small areas or a confined space that may require a narrow configuration. CMC has also focused on improving the levelling capabilities by increasing the leg penetration, which is the downward movement of the outrigger. You can position each leg differently, meaning that when you are on rough ground or uneven terrain, you can still perfectly level your machine. 

The four machines selected for the APF show are the models most suited to Arb work, so you can get a good look at those industry-specific features in a range of working heights. The machines are:

CMC S18F (Fully Hydraulic) New model released. 

  • 17.78M Working Height
  • 11.15M Horizontal Outreach
  • 230KG Lifting Capacity
  • Weighs 2495 kg

CMC S22 HD (Heavy Duty) Heavy duty 22M track mount, increased leg clearance and horizontal outreach perfect for working on rough terrains and gradients and ideal for tree surgeons. This machine is one of a kind!

  • 21.6M Working Height
  • 12.5M Horizontal Outreach
  • 230KG Lifting Capacity
  • Weighs 3000KG

CMC S23 is their flagship product and the largest machine in their range which is road towable with a pick-up and trailer.

  • 23M Working Height
  • 12.4M Horizontal Outreach
  • 200KG Lifting Capacity
  • Weighs 2865KG

CMC i23 (this is the first in the UK) The CMC i23 is a double pantograph geometric platform with the largest-unrestricted outreach in its class. Electrically insulated up to 46kV, it allows safe working on or near high-voltage lines. 

  • 22.8M Working Height
  • 10M Horizontal Outreach
  • 180KG Lifting Capacity
  • Weighs 3930 kg

All of their machines are designed with your safety in mind. If you are interested in a tracked spider aerial platform to help you and your team work more safely or to increase your working efficiency, be rest assured that CMC are constantly looking ahead, researching new ways of working and technologies to support you and your business, giving you peace of mind for the future.  

To find out more you can read their blog and follow them on their social media channels: