ClimateTrees.EU: Urban tree species selection in a changing climate

by | May 8, 2018 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

How can we organise this in the chain? These questions will be answered at the ClimateTrees symposium!

Which tree species and cultivars are most resistant to future climate change? This question and more will be answered at the international Climate Trees symposium on Wednesday 20 June at Batouwe Nurseries in Dodewaard, the Netherlands.

The chain – from breeders to growers, tree technicians and architects – should know what species and cultivars are most suitable for future cities. Vertical knowledge sharing is therefore crucial. At the Climate Trees symposium, publisher NWST brings international stakeholders together to discuss the following themes:

  • Which tree species and cultivars are climate resilient?
  • How are pests and diseases in trees and climate change related?
  • How are biodiversity and risk assessment of diseases (especially new diseases) related?
  • What factors are important to assess tolerance to climate change? For example frost, heat radiation, drought, infrastructure etc. Which data can be used as indicators?
  • How can we encourage the entire sector (nurseries, landscape architects as well as tree technicians) to plant and grow the right species?

International Top Speakers

The organisation has invited a number of prominent speakers to the symposium. Klaus Körber (Bavarian State Research Centre for Viticulture and Horticulture, Veithöchleim, Germany) is working on the project Stadtgrün 2021. In this project, German institutes and universities collaborate to identify the ‘trees of the future’.

Jaap Smit is a dendrologist, associated with Floriade 2022 in Almere, the Netherlands. This horticultural exhibition includes an arboretum with climate resilient trees.

Andrew Hirons is senior lecturer in arboriculture and urban forestry at Myerscough University Centre in the United Kingdom.

Keith Sacre is arboricultural and urban forestry director at Barcham Trees in Cambridgeshire, UK.

Henry Kuppen will be the chairman. In his capacity as CEO of Terra Nostra, he is specialised in planting diversity and climate impact.

More information and subscription

For more information on the speakers, the programme and participation, please go to About the organisation
The Climate Trees symposium is organised by NWST, publisher of trade journals including Boomzorg and Boom in Business, in cooperation with Batouwe Nurseries.