City partners pledge to deliver new street tree strategy

by | Aug 15, 2021 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

A commitment to deliver on a new street tree strategy for Sheffield has been made by the founding members of the Sheffield Street Tree Partnership.

Representatives of each of the partner organisations came together to sign a pledge committing them to delivering on the Sheffield Street Tree Partnership Strategy, which outlines a long-term and exemplary vision to promote and enhance a network of street trees that Sheffield can be proud of.

The strategy aims to ensure the city has street trees which are well-maintained and cared for; resistant to the threats of disease and climate change and delivering many benefits for people and our environment.

In March, a final version of the strategy was approved by Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet, following a consultation which asked for people’s views during 2020.

The Sheffield Street Tree Partnership includes representatives from the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust, Sheffield City Council and its contractor, Amey, The Woodland Trust and members of the Sheffield Tree Action Groups.

Along with a clear strategic vision, measurable outcomes and detailed actions, the strategy includes the introduction of volunteer street tree wardens across the city and proposes a collaborative and community-led approach to caring for trees growing in all local areas.

Liz Ballard, Chief Executive of the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust and Chair of the Sheffield Street Tree Partnership group, said: “This pledge by all partners marks the start of a new chapter for our Sheffield street trees and how they are looked after into the future. To have the Council, Amey and community partners commit to deliver this strategy for the benefit of Sheffield – its community and its trees – is the great result of our hard work over the last two years.

“I would like to thank all the partners who have been involved in developing and finalising Sheffield’s street tree strategy. The group came together in difficult and strained circumstances, but we have become a great partnership, working together to achieve our common vision both now and in the long term.”

Kate Josephs, Chief Executive at Sheffield City Council, said: “This pledge marks a milestone for our city’s street trees, following collaboration and dedication from all partners to produce the new strategy.

“The creation of a new city-wide strategy and commitment to deliver this together for the benefit of Sheffield residents ensures that our renowned green heritage can thrive and be properly cared for, so that not only us, but our future generations, can enjoy a thriving street tree stock.

“Through this new approach, we will make sure our street trees are sustainably and carefully managed and maintained in accordance with best practice whilst increasing canopy cover and engaging the wider community of all ages in caring for and valuing our trees.

“From cleaning the air that we breathe to providing local environmental benefits like shade, natural traffic calming and reducing verge and pavement parking, we want to harness all the advantages that trees bring to our developing society, guaranteeing their place in our future.