Cheltenham to become greener with new trees being planted

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Cheltenham High Street is about to get greener. Five new trees in planters will be installed on the High Street as part of improvement works by the Borough and County Council.

The green project will control how and where delivery vehicles park, as well as protect the recently paved pedestrian areas.

The trees and planters are being trialled, and will become a permanent feature unless there are significant issues, in which other locations will be found for them around the borough.

The cost, including two years’ maintenance, is approximately £14,000.

The trees are about 2.5 metres high, and are large Himalayan birch trees, which means that they will have white bark in the winter and bright green leaves in the summer.

Townscape manager for Cheltenham Borough Council, Wilf Tomaney, said: “We felt that using trees in planters was preferable for this part of the town centre.

“They will soften and enhance the look of the High Street as well as prevent delivery vehicles from parking on the footways.

“Using planters allows us to position trees to get maximum visual impact, without having to worry about their roots damaging pavements or below-ground services.”

Cabinet member for development and safety, Councillor Andrew McKinlay, said: “The installation of five trees in the High Street will be a major improvement to the town centre environment.

“As well as acting as protection for the pedestrianised areas of the High Street, they will enhance the feel of the High Street creating a similar visitor experience to that provided in the Promenade.”

The planters are steel-framed and are painted green to complement the wayfinding signage and bus shelters on the Promenade.