Caversham precinct developer promises to replace trees

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Featured Slider, Latest

The owner of a new development in Caversham have reassured residents a number of trees in the area will be replaced once building work is completed.

Hermes Real Estate, which is developing St Martin’s Centre, off Church Street, has responded to fears raised in a public consultation in May.

Shoppers were worried the area in the heart of Caversham shopping centre would lose its touch of greenery with the removal of several trees from the pedestrian area.

Asset manager for Hermes, Matthew Chillingworth, said: “We have been absolutely delighted by the level of feedback we have received about our exciting regeneration plans for the St Martin’s Centre in Caversham.

“No one wishes to see trees removed, we fully appreciate that.

“The issue is that the larger trees around the precinct are in an unsustainable position.

“Sadly, they are in poor condition, with roots causing a significant trip hazard, alongside major disruption to underground services.

“After extensive consultation with specialist arboriculturalists, we are proposing to replace some of the existing non-native trees with mature stock around nine metres high within the precinct itself and four metres high around the car park.

“In total, we are proposing to plant around 36 new trees with significant green landscaping around the entire site.

“Digging even deeper, the current trees have 1,230 tree years between them. Our proposed new trees, using modern methods of sustainable planting, will ensure the 36 new trees double this life expectancy to around 2,560 tree years.

“We want to create a hub for generations to come and hope that we can count on the support of residents and businesses alike. Of course, we welcome further feedback.”

Local traders have been calling for the redevelopment of the dilapidated late-1960s precinct for many years.

The plans for the new development can be viewed online at

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