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  • Technical

    • MTR’s New Technology Enhances Tree Management

      In preparation for the upcoming typhoon season, the MTR Corporation has put in place a number of measures to minimise the impacts from adverse weather on railway facilities and services. New tree management technology has also been introduced to further enhance preventive maintenance and contingency measures along open sections of…

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    • UK Space Agency

      The UK Space Agency will tackle illegal deforestation

      The UK Space Agency will tackle certain environmental issues with space-based solutions. This package of space-based solutions will tackle problems many problems including illegal deforestation. The new register of specialist products and services delivered by UK space organisations and funded by UK aid, includes innovative ways to tackle issues in…

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    • HTA

      Are you Plant Healthy?

      The new Plant Healthy website provides a self-assessment tool for horticulture businesses and organisations to improve the biosecurity of sourcing systems and advance plant health management practises. The free tool, launched 29 January 2019, is available at planthealthy.org.uk The tool is based on the recently published Plant Health Management Standard…

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    • academy

      Digital chainsaw academy

      Husqvarna has launched a digital chainsaw academy. The online resource includes step-by-step guides, animations and videos. It contains guidelines on chainsaw usage with a focus on how to fell a tree. The academy aims to increase awareness of safety aspects of chainsaw use.Husqvarna stressed that chainsaw safety training with a…

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    • Free app aids fungi identification

      Tim Moya Associates has released a free app to help identify tree-related fungi and supplement tree inspections. The app covers the main tree/fungi associations relevant to tree health and safety in the UK. TMA Fungi allows the user to search by tree species and narrow down a search to the…

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    • electricity

      How to stay safe working near electricity power lines

      Contact with electricity results in serious injury or even fatalities. UK Power Networks distributes more than a quarter of the UK’s electricity to London, the South East and the East of England, using overhead and underground power lines and substations. The company is urging workers to remember that where tree…

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    • brexit

      Trees on farms essential to improve environmental protection post Brexit

      Major agroforestry trials should be established during the EU withdrawal period Brexit, according to a report launched 12 June by the Woodland Trust and Soil Association. Government support for farmer-led research and innovation networks seeking to integrate trees and agriculture should also be trialled according to the policy document “Agroforestry…

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    • Species

      Barcham’s latest free publication facilitates tree species selection

      A new 36-page publication entitled Species Selection: A Guide to Informed Decision Making from Barcham Trees is to be launched at the Arboricultural Association’s annual “Arb Show”, which takes place on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 May 2018 at Westonbirt The National Arboretum, Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Available free-of-charge to tree-care professionals,…

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    • Removed

      Assessing the need for tree removal: top 10 tips

      Deciding whether a tree needs to be removed can be a tricky business. Lee Davies, Consultant at Artemis Tree Services, offers advice to help arborists through the process. As tree professionals we understand the wide range of social, economic and environmental benefits trees provide, such as absorbing pollution, reducing the…

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    • Chestnut

      10,000 blight-resistant American chestnut trees grown by U.S researchers

      The American chestnut trees were one of the most common trees on the East Coast of America a century ago, before the population between northern Georgia and Maine was decimated by a fungus, thought to be imported from Chinese chestnut trees in 1904. “It was a very important tree to…

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    • Future

      Future Foresters – challenged to drive a technology revolution

      Forestry and arboricultural students have been challenged to  drive a technological revolution to transform the way woods and trees are managed in the UK. Key note speaker at the ground breaking RFS’s Future Foresters New Technology Day, Jez Ralph from Timber Strategies told them: ” There is a new future…

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    • harness

      The Evolution of the Arborists Climbing Harness

      By Paul George  The roots of modern arboriculture in Britain can be traced back to 1854, when the Arboricultural Society of Scotland was established. While an understanding of trees as living organisms is still central, the practical aspects have progressed exponentially over the subsequent decades. The industry has developed to reflect…

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    • trees

      Barcham Trees share measuring systems

      Barcham Trees is offering tree-care professionals the chance to view, first-hand, how it tests the health of trees on its Cambridgeshire nursery. Specifically, Barcham are keen to share how it uses the Arborcheck Nursery Benchmark System, developed by Hansatech Instruments Ltd and the nursery. It is based on data relating…

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    • woodchippers

      Woodchippers showcased at The Arb Show

      Först, a leading supplier of high performance woodchippers, showcased its range of wheeled, tracked and PTO woodchippers at this years Arb Show, held at Westonbirt National Arboretum. Highlights of the line-up include the new XR8 Traxion and PT6 machines. Visitors to the stand were able to get a close look at the new…

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    • Vickers

      A guide to assisted felling part 2: Component forces – David Vickers

      In the second part of this series, Dave Vickers looks at the forces involved and required safety margins when combining wire and rope based offset systems. Last month we focused on assisted felling and the forces involved when using an offset pull. We introduced the formula “pull = 2t(cos x)” where t is the force in…

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