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    • redwood

      Trees ‘may have been removed’ by developer which chopped down giant redwood by mistake

      A developer has been asked not to remove any more trees after it felled a 160-year-old giant redwood ‘by mistake’. A joint investigation by Swansea Council and Natural Resources Wales is underway after the protected tree was felled without permission. The tree, which was on land in Penllergaer, has been reduced to just a…

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    • forests

      7 of the most breathtaking forests in the world

      As a company full of forest fanatics, Husqvarna is somewhat of an authority when it comes to assessing the quirks, beauty and uniqueness the world’s forests have to offer. They’ve put their helmets together with Pro Landscaper to come up with seven of the most breathtaking which are well worth a visit.…

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    • biochar

      250 trees saved using enriched biochar and deep-soil decompaction

      A total of 250 trees have been saved by applying enriched biochar to the roots by Geo-Injector since 2017.   Apex Soil Solutions, the Ringwood-based tree health business, has successfully treated 250 trees using its deep-soil Geo-Injector and Carbon Gold’s enriched biochar products, Tree Soil Improver and Tree Fertiliser, since collaborating in 2017.  …

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    • west ham

      National Tree Week: new trees planted at West Ham Park

      City of London Corporation staff, Friends of West Ham Park and local volunteers will plant 1,250 shrubs and 38 trees at West Ham Park. This is to take place during national Tree Week on 24 November – 2 December.   The trees will be a mix of Willow, European Hornbeam…

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    • double

      Tree planting in UK ‘must double to tackle climate change’

      Tree planting must double by 2020 as part of radical changes to land use in the UK, according to the government’s advisers on climate change. New forests would lock up carbon but also help to limit the more frequent floods expected with global warming. The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) said land…

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    • woodland trust

      The Woodland Trust new scheme helps protect trees from pests and diseases

      The Woodland Trust is asking people across the UK to make sure any trees put into the ground are from – and have been grown on – home soil. The charity has created an accreditation scheme to highlight nurseries selling UK trees. This new scheme means that tree planters and garden…

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    • quarry

      Green-tech protect 29,500 trees at East Midlands quarry

      Bantycock Quarry, a gypsum quarry operated by Saint-Gobain Formula has recently undergone a tremendous revival to preserve the environment and create an ideal habitat for a diverse range of wildlife. Glendale, a professional green service company who manage and maintain green environments were awarded the contract to regenerate 25 acres…

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    • war

      Trees planted in memory of war heroes

      Trees have been planted near Ramsbury Airfield in memory of those lost at war. Donated by the Woodland Trust, the trees were planted during a service held on Saturday where wreaths were laid, prayers were made and a minute silence was held. A Wing Commander also laid his own wreath…

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    • footballers

      World War One: Trees planted to honour fallen footballers

      Trees commemorating professional footballers who died in World War One have been planted around England and Wales. Most of the 92 clubs in the Premier and Football Leagues are participating in the Football Remembers campaign to mark the 100th anniversary of the conflict’s end. They have been planting groves of…

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    • tree survey

      How to conduct a tree survey

      Regardless of their number, it remains to be every tree owner’s responsibility to get their trees checked. The more trees they have, especially those in high-risk areas, the higher the responsibility. A Tree survey is of huge importance in not only maintaining safety but also the proper growth and development of…

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    • prosecution

      Protected tree felling prosecution

      A Beckenham resident who knowingly felled three protected pine trees has been prosecuted.   Peter Clarke of Westgate Road, Beckenham, pleaded guilty at Croydon Crown Court to carrying out prohibiting work. This includes felling, to the protected trees without the written consent of the local authority. He received orders to pay total fines and…

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    • harness

      Arborist Harness Guide

      In 2016 the Tree Care Industry Association (TICA) found a total of 92 tree care related fatalities. Of these, the most common injury in 2016 was due to a fall (48 injuries with 26 fatalities) and this trend has remained unchanged since 2013. A 2017 study by The Arboricultural Association…

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    • bonfire

      Bonfire guidance for tree waste

      There is no law in the UK that specifically bans bonfires in gardens, even in smoke-free zones. But there are laws against causing a public or statutory nuisance, and some restrictions that landscapers should be aware of being lighting a bonfire. If smoke makes its way on to a public highway,…

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    • Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy

      Trees planted at RAU as part of Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy

      COTSWOLD MP Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown joined more than 500 MPs to plant trees as part of the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy. It is a network of forest conservation initiatives to mark the Queen’s lifetime of service to the Commonwealth. The trees, two silver birch, two rowan, and a hazel were planted…

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    • night

      What do trees do at night?

      Asking what trees do at night sounds odd. They’re trees. They just stand there, right? Wrong. It turns out trees get up to a lot more than you’d imagine at night – it turns out they even go to sleep … It’s easy to assume plants grow at a slow,…

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