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    • Penalt Yew

      The Ancient Tree Column – Penalt Yew

      Each month we feature an ancient British tree.  This month the Ancient Tree Forum introduces us to the Penalt Yew, Monmouthshire Yew trees are an iconic part of our landscape, playing a role in communities up and down the country. Why do we find so many in our churchyards? According to the Ancient Yew Group, there…

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    • Rob McBride

      2015 An Arb Odyssey – Rob McBride

      Rob McBride reviews the arboricultural odyssey in which he ‘met’ some unusual entrants for the European Tree of the Year 2015 The main purpose of my trip in February this year was to promote the great trees of Europe and the European Tree of the Year 2015 contest (ETOTY15), organised by the Environmental Partnership Association (EPA). The first goal…

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    • Top Ten Tips

      Top Ten Tips – Urban Tree Planting

      Marc Greenaway, operations manager at Glendale Civic Trees, shares the top ten things you need to think about when planting trees in the urban environment 1) Choose the right tree for the environment This is important, as planting a large Araucaria araucana (Monkey puzzle) next to a children’s playground would not be a good…

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    • Jay Gibbins

      Apprenticeships, in association with Green-tech – Jay Gibbins

      Each month Pro Arb’s apprenticeship feature showcases a young person starting out in the arboriculture industry. This month, we meet Jay Gibbins from Totally Trees What is your full name, age and job title? Jay Gibbins, 21, apprentice arborist. What is your role within Totally Trees? I get to carry out a wide…

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    • R2

      Showcase your skills with the R2 register

      R2, the new online tool that allows you to demonstrate your skills, knowledge and experience to potential customers, will soon be live. Here’s how it works… The new Register of Tree Work Operatives (R2) looks set to provide arboriculturists with the opportunity to demonstrate their attained skills and experience, businesses with the necessary information to identify which operatives…

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    • Birnam

      The Ancient Tree Column – Birnam Oak & Sycamore

      This month, the Ancient Tree Forum introduces us to the Birnam Oak and Sycamore Perthshire in Scotland calls itself ‘Big Tree Country’ and one of the highlights of the Ancient Tree Forum’s 2014 summer event in the county was a trip to these two enormous trees that grow near the banks of the River…

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    • Lewis Evans

      Apprenticeships, in association with Green-tech – Lewis Evans

      Each month Pro Arb’s apprenticeship feature showcases a young person making their way in the industry. This month we talk to Lewis Evans, a 20-year-old trainee arborist with Beechwood Trees and Landscapes Ltd What is your full name, age and job title? I’m Lewis Evans, aged 20, and I am a trainee arborist at Beechwood…

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    • Peter Wharton

      An interview with Peter Wharton, Wharton Arboriculture

      Joe Wilkinson catches up with Peter Wharton, an Institute of Chartered Foresters registered consultant, at his new offices in Alcester. Peter talks about his views on the industry, the perception of consultants and where arboriculture is headed So Peter, how long has Wharton Arboriculture been in existence? We have been a limited company since 2008. To…

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    • Vickers

      Using mechanical advantage… to our advantage – David Vickers

      In the second part of his series on using mechanical advantage, Dave Vickers discusses how to build upon a Portawrap lowering system to more safely dismantle a tree There is some mystique surrounding setting up and using ropes and pulleys to create mechanical advantage. Last month we saw that using a moving pulley provides additional ‘assistance’ when…

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    • Bartlett

      Massaria related branch breakage on London Plane – Bartlett Tree Experts

      Dr Glynn Percival and Jon Banks of Bartlett Trees describe the symptoms of Massaria disease in London Plane Massaria disease of plane (Splanchnonema platani; syn. Massaria platani) is a fungal disease capable of killing the bark and cambium on the branches of London Plane, Platanus x hispanica, resulting in branch drop. The pathogen has been present in the…

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    • Rick Milsom

      Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? – Rick Milsom

      With extreme weather events becoming more frequent, Rick Milsom discusses how we can mitigate their effects on the trees in our charge I am more familiar with Shakespeare fishing tackle than Shakespeare the playwright and poet, but I am aware of one of his sonnets, which is what I recently discovered they are called. In Sonnet 18…

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    • Steve Clarke

      Where focus goes… energy flows – Steve Clarke

      Steve Clarke’s regular sales lessons – this month from the Sahara I’m no petrol head, not an engine kind of a guy at all, but I do love adventure. I spent the other week powering my way up and over the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and riding off -road in the Sahara desert on a monster BMW…

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    • Jonathan Hazell

      Who is right? – Jonathan Hazell

      Jonathan Hazell discusses the difficulties of keeping all parties happy while taking into account the necessary health and safety and regulatory considerations There is a dilemma that will be faced almost every day by every professional in arboriculture, be they contractor, technician or consultant. And that is – who is right?  A contractor delivering a…

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    • Horse Chestnut

      Pests & Diseases: Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner – Bartlett Tree Experts

      Dr Glynn Percival and Emma Schaffert of Bartlett Tree Experts give a rundown on HCLM and how to manage it Since its introduction to Britain in the 1600s, the common white flowering horse chestnut tree (Aesculus hippocastanum) has become one of the commonest ornamental trees in towns, cities, parks and woodlands. Over the past decade this species…

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    • Rick Milsom

      The trees they are a changin’- Rick Milsom

      As an arboricultural officer for Southend-on-Sea, Rick Milsom gets to see changing tastes in trees and shrubs first hand At the time of writing it looks like spring has sprung down in Essex. The sun is out, the magnolias are blooming and the Prunus cerasifera and its cultivars ‘Pissardii’ and ‘Nigra’ are almost done flowering. I must admit I…

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