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    • Tackling the Toxic Caterpillar

      With reports of Oak Processionary Moth on the rise, Pro Landscaper finds out exactly what the tree pest is and how the industry is responding to the threat of it spreading across the UK A few years ago, the only place oak processionary moth (OPM) could be found in the…

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    • Marlow Ropes

      Static LSK: A Design of Compromises

      Paul Dyer of Marlow Ropes, looks at the aspects of great product design ,and why the manufacture and design of a good quality static rope is often an exercise in compromise. Many of the requirements the rope must meet are achieved at the expense of another desirable property. For this…

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    • Chainsaw Maintenance

      A Guide to Chainsaw Maintenance

      Making sure tools are safe and fit for purpose is essential. Paul George has some handy guidance to get the job done. Chainsaws are highly powerful tools for carrying out some seriously tough jobs. Whether you are managing woodland or dismantling a dangerous tree, a chainsaw is one of the…

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    • Free app aids fungi identification

      Tim Moya Associates has released a free app to help identify tree-related fungi and supplement tree inspections. The app covers the main tree/fungi associations relevant to tree health and safety in the UK. TMA Fungi allows the user to search by tree species and narrow down a search to the…

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    • aid

      TREE AID striving to improve life in poverty stricken communities

      In Ethiopia, 11.9% or approximately 13 million hectares of land is forested. Between 1990 and 2005, the country lost 14.0% of its forest cover. This, coupled with frequent droughts, has seen the agricultural sector in Ethiopia suffer over recent years; having devastating effects on the communities living there who rely on…

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    • oak

      10 things you never knew about oak trees

      In celebration of Oak Apple Day on 29 May, below is a round up of the top 10 things you probably didn’t know about the great tree. 1. The oak had been the badge of Charles II after he had hidden inside one at Boscobel after defeat by the Roundheads…

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    • Barcham

      Urban Forest and Pest Management: A Canadian Perspective

      A seminar with Philip van Wassenaer and Alexander Satel, 30 April 2018 Report by Colin Hambidge The series of seminars hosted by Barcham Trees at its Ely, Cambridgeshire, nursery assumed an international flavour in late April when Philip van Wassenaer and Alexander Satel from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, presented to an…

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    • Grille

      GreenBlue Urban announce new Tree Grille

      GreenBlue Urban have announced that they are bringing a brand-new tree grille to market. Named SettStone, the precast grille measures 1200mm square manufactured from permeable materials therefore is SuDS compatible by remining highly porous. The high strength grille can be used in trafficked areas is simple to assemble and will…

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    • Newham

      An interview with Kevin Hayes, tree officer at the London Borough of Newham

      Kevin Hayes, tree officer at the London Borough of Newham, tells us about what his job involves, the evolving roles of tree officers, and the effects of funding cuts on local authority arboriculture How did you get into arboriculture? Before I worked in arboriculture, I had jobs in a number…

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    • Hedgerow

      Leicestershire County Council and Woodland Trust offer free trees or bushes for hedgerows

      In a bid to encourage individuals and groups to create a greener borough, Leicestershire County Council has teamed up with the Woodland Trust to provide hedge packs for free trees or bushes for hedgerows. Farmers, landowners and community groups can apply for hedge packs, which include a minimum of 100m of new…

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    • December

      12 Days of Christmas – December 2017

      The Pro Arb team went out to the RFS Future Forester’s New Technology Day and The National Tree Officers Conference in November, two interesting perspectives on the industry from two different sectors. (Pages 9 and 12) In ‘A Lost Legacy’ we view the history of Manchester’s Botanic Gardens. The feature…

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    • November

      12 Days of Christmas – November 2017

      Pro Arb spoke to Mike Metcalfe from DART International about the fantastic work the team had been doing out in the Caribbean after Hurricane Maria swept through. (Page 15) Keith Sacre from Barcham Trees spoke to us about taking action for the best biosecurity, with advice on how to avoid…

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    • October

      12 Days of Christmas – October 2017

      Colin Hambidge attended a day of seminars on the work done by Manchester’s City of Trees movement, hosted by Barcham Trees at their Cambridgeshire nursery. (Page 11) We spoke to Simon Parsons, director of My Tree Company, all about setting up his business and what he feels is a gender…

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    • September

      12 Days of Christmas – September 2017

      The month kicked off with a tree planting workshop with Hillier Trees in Hampshire, and a slightly more far-flung trip to the Husqvarna 572XP chainsaw launch at Forstmesse 2017 in Lucerne, Switzerland. (Pages 11 and 12) Chainsaw sculpturist Ben Hayford spoke to us about his arboriculture career, sculptures and TV…

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    • August

      12 Days of Christmas – August 2017

      Rob McBride’s opinion page is a charming read for the August issue. Rob settles down amongst the poplars in Weaste cemetery in Salford for what he calls, a bit of “happy tree news”.  (Page 14) We had a great contribution from Landmark Trading’s Paul George all about aerial work. Paul…

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