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    • taxpayer

      £320,000 taxpayer bill for house damage caused by trees

      Figures reveal the cash settlements made by each council to homes in the Black Country and Staffordshire, costing the UK taxpayer £320,000. They include an £18,200 pay-out in Walsall for damage caused to a patio by roots, £18,776 in Sandwell for a tree which fell on a garage and home…

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    • burleys

      Burleys arb team finishes Surrey council job ahead of schedule

      Burleys arboriculture team completed a project removing and reducing roadside trees for Surrey County Council a day ahead of schedule – thanks to hard graft and dedicated teamwork. The division was asked to reduce and fell a number of London planes, limes and Norway maple trees to enable the council,…

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    • green

      Green party deputy leader visits tree protest site

      Dozens of protesters joined the Green Party’s deputy leader near a controversial housing development which has seen hundreds of trees felled. Amelia Womack said she was visiting the town after learning of the grassroots protest movement, supported by her local party members, after the trees were cut down on the…

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    • dangerous

      Developers urged to act over dangerous trees

      Developers have been urged to take urgent action over a group of dangerous oak trees on a village housing estate after a branch fell from one of the trees. Broadbridge Heath Parish Council has written to developers Countryside, outlining concerns over the state of the trees on the Wickhurst Green…

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    • multiengine

      STIHL upgrades MultiEngine offering

      Adding to its range of MultiSystem tools, STIHL has unveiled the new MM 56 MultiEngine suitable for a wide range of tasks in lawn maintenance, soil cultivation and surface cleaning. Replacing the MM 55, the new MM 56 delivers more power and torque thanks to the upgraded 2-Mix engine, providing…

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    • waterflow

      UKDN Waterflow releases report on tree root growth impact on urban drainage

      “With the onset of climate change, better understanding of the risks trees pose for buried water utility assets is vital to asset maintenance,” says UKDN Waterflow (LG) Ltd director Richard Leigh. Tree roots and their impact on drainage systems The paper highlights surprising findings from Swedish & UK researchers and…

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    • Why trees are better than people | John Parker | TEDxCanton

      Did you know that trees in urban areas can improve child development, reduce violence and boost house prices? John Parker tells us about ‘nature’s air-conditioners’, and why we shouldn’t take them for granted.

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    • britain

      Britain must cherish its trees or lose them

      The recent felling of 110,000 mature trees by city councils in Britain such as Sheffield, and the secretive tree-cutting operations of Network Rail, will seem like kindling compared with the bonfires that will have to be lit if diseases take hold in our gardens, avenues, copses and forests. Britain lost 30…

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    • drought

      Particulate matter increases drought vulnerability of trees

      Particulate matter deposits on leaves increase plant transpiration and the risk of plants suffering from drought. Particulate matter could thus be contributing more strongly to tree mortality and forest decline than previously assumed. This is suggested by results from a greenhouse study led by the university of Bonn, in which…

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    • valuable

      This is just how valuable trees really are

      The most valuable benefit is air quality. In this paper, London gained £375m of value thanks to trees filtering the air of pollution from things such as diesel cars and buses. This would increase if more trees were planted, especially if they were placed next to busy main roads. Trees…

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    • christmas

      Heatwave ruins thousands of Christmas trees

      Weeks of dry weather and scorching temperatures in Wales have ruined around 10,000 Christmas trees belonging to a Welsh tree farmer. Rob Morgan, owner of Gower Fresh Christmas Trees, invests a huge amount of time and effort into the firm. He plants around 30,000 new trees every year, with the…

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    • rescue

      Tree Rescue saves veteran trees for free

      UK landowners, arborists and members of the public are invited to nominate veteran trees that are stressed or in decline to receive free revitalising treatment from Tree Rescue. Britain has more ancient trees than almost all other European countries but, despite their value, maintaining their health has long been overlooked…

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    • greenmech

      GreenMech showcase at the APF exhibition

      One of Europe’s top wood chipper manufacturer GreenMech will have a vast range of machinery on display on stand 80-110, in the outside area, at this years APF exhibition. In addition, visitors will also have the opportunity to find out about a number of special deals and flexible finance options…

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    • water

      Council asks residents to water trees amid fears they could perish in heatwave

      A council has asked its residents to water trees in parks and on pavements amid fears they could perish in the heatwave. After worried locals posted photographs of dried-out plants on social media, Wandsworth Council has put out an appeal pleading for volunteers to join in with the watering effort.…

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    • dedham

      Debham Vale Tree Surgery Choose Timberwolf

      Dedham Vale Tree Surgery have used Timberwolf’s range of wood chippers extensively, utilising their power and performance. Offering a comprehensive range of tree surgery services across South Suffolk and North Essex, Dedham Vale Tree Surgery’s priority is client satisfaction, from initial visit to completion. Harry Adams, company founder of Dedham…

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