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      Once again, trees set to dominate Sheffield Council meeting

      Sheffield Council’s controversial policies on highways and street trees are set to dominate once again at its major meeting this month. July’s full council will be the first time councillors have met since four tree campaigners appeared in the High Court charged with contempt. The Lib Dems say the council…

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    • gunnersbury

      Gunnersbury Park after its £50 million makeover

      Gunnersbury Park was bathed in glorious sunshine for its official reopening at the weekend following a £50 million makeover. The 200 acres of parkland was packed with families and sunbathers and there were guided tours of the stunning parklands and feature buildings. There was also a chance to get a…

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    • change

      How London’s trees are fighting climate change

      Being around trees does a great deal of good for fighting climate change by mitigating air pollution and absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. These benefits aren’t just felt in rural areas, either. A new study by researchers at University College London found that the trees in the London borough…

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    • corridor

      HS2 ‘green corridor’ plans slammed by campaigners

      Ministers have put the cash forward as part of a woodland fund they say will enhance wildlife and see millions of new trees planted along the controversial line between Birmingham and Crewe, which is set to carve through around 45 miles of Staffordshire countryside to make way for HS2’s green…

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    • fires

      Fires to clear land lead to near-record loss of tree cover in 2017

      Intentionally starting forest fires to make way for farms from the Amazon to the Congo basin caused a loss of global tree cover amounting to an area almost the size of Italy in 2017, an independent forest monitoring network said. Tree cover loss, mostly in the tropics, totaled 294,000 square…

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    • disappearing

      There is no oak left: Are Britain’s trees disappearing?

      England’s oak trees are disappearing fast. The last of the trees planted by the Victorians are now being harvested, and in the intervening century so few have been grown – and fewer still grown in the right conditions for making timber – that imports, mostly from the US and Europe,…

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    • carbon

      Urban trees can absorb as much carbon as a rainforest, scientists discover

      A ground-breaking laser technique shows city green areas like Hampstead Heath are absorbing about the same amount of carbon as rainforests. Researchers at University College London have conducted a study on 85,000 trees in north London to show the importance of planting and protecting urban forests to offset fossil fuel…

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    • cost

      HS2 cost rises by £2m to buy trees

      The government is putting another couple of million into the cash pile that’s to pay for HS2, with a plan to build what it calls a “Green Corridor” along parts of the line seeing the planting of millions of trees set to cost £2m. A selection of our finest, British,…

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    • larch

      Thousands of infected larch trees to be felled

      A road is to be built into a forest in Carmarthenshire and thousands of trees cut down. The larch trees, like many others in Wales, have fallen prey to a disease called Phytophthora ramorum which can cause fatal lesions on a tree’s trunk. Spores are also released which infect neighbouring…

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    • seven

      Seven million trees to line HS2

      HS2 has set out plans to plant seven million new trees and shrubs along the 216km phase one route between London and Birmingham. Bat houses and newt ponds will also line the route. The ‘green corridor’ plan, with new wildlife habitats, native woodlands and community spaces, is designed to lessen…

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    • elm

      New UK pest destroying the nation’s elm trees

      As part of local plant recording activity carried out by experienced amateurs in Surrey, plant samples were sent to the RBGE – one of a UK-wide network of environment-related organisations working together to tackle plant health issues – for identification. When an elm specialist examined the samples, the distinctive feeding…

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    • soils

      Soils & Trees Conference offers unprecedented opportunity

      The Arboricultural Association has announced the full line up of 34 speaker sessions for the 52nd National Amenity Conference titled – Soils & Trees – Standing your Ground. The schedule includes 10 prominent international speakers, who will take delegates on narrative journey through soil science and trees, and help us…

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    • ecoplug

      Ecoplug Max prevents re-growth in Yorkshire

      Martin Lingard, Contracts Manager for Lowther Forestry, has reported that ICL’s Ecoplug Max is helping him manage an extensive tree and shrub clearance project throughout Yorkshire with the use of the Ecoplug Max. Lowther Forestry – a nationwide forestry, landscaping and fencing contractor was established in 1979 and now has…

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    • workwear

      Stihl adds to Workwear range

      STIHL has expanded its range of high-visibility workwear that offers professionals the very best in comfort and mobility. The new lightweight MS Protect cut protective high-visibility jacket and trousers -both available in different sizes – provide professionals with freedom of movement, and are ideal for a range of applications including…

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    • cities

      Scotland’s largest cities to combat climate change with tree planting

      Scotland’s four largest cities must improve coastal defences and should consider planting thousands of trees to combat the effects of climate change by 2050, according to a new report. People living in most of the world’s cities face problems caused by rising temperatures including heatwaves, flooding, water shortages and blackouts by…

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