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    • nitrogen pollution

      Nitrogen pollution is choking forests’ carbon-protecting fungi

      Under the forest floor lies a complex, hidden world of fungi. These tiny creatures form intimate connections with tree roots, sharing resources with each other and influencing the soil around them, but they are under attack from a surplus of nitrogen pollution. Some of these are arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, which dig…

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    • pakistan

      Pakistan to plant 10 billion trees to combat climate change

      The new government in Pakistan will plant 10 billion trees over five years to combat climate change, it has said. It is an expansion of the existing “billion tree tsunami” project by new prime minister Imran Khan to restore 350,000 hectares of forest in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, according to Climate Home News. As…

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    • genetically engineered

      Genetically engineered trees curtail spread beyond plantations

      Trees can be genetically engineered to prevent new seedlings from establishing beyond the boundaries of plantations, suggests a study. The findings are important because of societal concerns over gene flow — the spread of genetically engineered or exotic and invasive trees or their reproductive cells beyond the boundaries of plantations.…

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    • developer

      Flat developer plans to prune protected trees

      Residents in a Derby cul-de-sac are objecting to plans by a developer who wants to carry out work on trees covered by a preservation order claiming that the apartment block should never have been given the go-ahead initially – almost 13 years ago. People in Lonsdale Place say they are…

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    • fine

      Tree surgeons hit with £20k fine after felling ancient trees

      Two tree surgeons were caught red-handed cutting protected trees in historic woodland. Mark Knight was hit with a fine of £20,000 after his employees were found cutting down the 11 protected trees. Knight’s company, Landmark Tree Surgeons, was paid by landowner Geoffrey Try to fell the trees, but ended up being fined…

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    • glasgow

      Trees are saving the life of Glasgow

      A new body of research shows just how valuable greenery in Glasgow is to the wellbeing of its citizens, as well as the general aesthetic appeal of a city historically known as ‘Dear Green Place’, and for good reason. With over 90 parks and public gardens ranging from the iconic…

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    • medical

      UK trees saved 1,900 lives and £1bn in medical costs in a year

      The removal of pollution by trees, plants and grass saved 27,000 life years and the NHS around £1bn  in medical costs in a year, according to official figures. The Office for National Statistics said that large amounts of air pollutants were removed by vegetation or “green lungs” during 2015 and…

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    • sheffield

      Six-year-old ‘lost’ plans reveal 17,500 trees to be removed in Sheffield

      Detailed proposals to replace exactly 17,500 of Sheffield’s 36,000 street trees were drawn up six years ago, a newly-published document the city’s council had previously said was lost has revealed. Sheffield Council said it had “stumbled upon” a series of strategy documents for the controversial policy of felling street trees…

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    • nppf

      The Arboricultural Association gives its verdict on the NPPF

      The Arboricultural Association is pleased to welcome the Governments’ newly revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), which gives ancient and veteran trees greater protection. Under the guidelines published this week they will only be removed for ‘exceptional reasons’. Congratulations to our friends at the Ancient Tree Forum and The Woodland…

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    • unimog

      Greenworx branches out with Mercedes-Benz Unimog

      Tree surgery and ground clearance contractor Greenworx is going for growth, after acquiring its first Mercedes-Benz Unimog. The versatile off-road truck is more than paying its way by performing the work of several other vehicles – it can power a range of attached implements and combines the rough terrain capability…

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    • taxpayer

      £320,000 taxpayer bill for house damage caused by trees

      Figures reveal the cash settlements made by each council to homes in the Black Country and Staffordshire, costing the UK taxpayer £320,000. They include an £18,200 pay-out in Walsall for damage caused to a patio by roots, £18,776 in Sandwell for a tree which fell on a garage and home…

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    • burleys

      Burleys arb team finishes Surrey council job ahead of schedule

      Burleys arboriculture team completed a project removing and reducing roadside trees for Surrey County Council a day ahead of schedule – thanks to hard graft and dedicated teamwork. The division was asked to reduce and fell a number of London planes, limes and Norway maple trees to enable the council,…

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    • green

      Green party deputy leader visits tree protest site

      Dozens of protesters joined the Green Party’s deputy leader near a controversial housing development which has seen hundreds of trees felled. Amelia Womack said she was visiting the town after learning of the grassroots protest movement, supported by her local party members, after the trees were cut down on the…

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    • dangerous

      Developers urged to act over dangerous trees

      Developers have been urged to take urgent action over a group of dangerous oak trees on a village housing estate after a branch fell from one of the trees. Broadbridge Heath Parish Council has written to developers Countryside, outlining concerns over the state of the trees on the Wickhurst Green…

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    • multiengine

      STIHL upgrades MultiEngine offering

      Adding to its range of MultiSystem tools, STIHL has unveiled the new MM 56 MultiEngine suitable for a wide range of tasks in lawn maintenance, soil cultivation and surface cleaning. Replacing the MM 55, the new MM 56 delivers more power and torque thanks to the upgraded 2-Mix engine, providing…

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