Carr’s Billington Safety signs up as exclusive UK distributor of Panther Spikes

by | Jan 10, 2022 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

From 17 January Carr’s Billington Safety will be the exclusive distributor in the UK of premium Tree Climbing Spikes from Czech-based Panther Spikes.

Handmade since 1991 in the Czech Republic, Panther Spikes has an enviable reputation for the design and quality of materials used in the manufacturing of tree climbing spikes that are tested by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. 

The Panther Tree-Climbing Spikes are made up of four key parts – the hook, gaffs, shell and binding.  Carr’s Billington Safety will stock a wide range of colours, gaffs and binding options, with exclusive colour options on offer to dealers looking for something different, along with a complete inventory of spares stocked.

The main supporting element of the Panther Tree Climbing Spikes is the hook which is made from a specific aluminium alloy that has been heat treated to withstand 650kg without significant deformation.  A carbon option is also available.  The hook is securely attached to the user’s leg using either a textile strap with Velcro, a leather or synthetic strap.

The three types of gaffs on offer are all cast from alloy steel that are heat treated and tempered prior to being screwed to the hook with M8 screws and a layer of glue to prevent loosening.  The shape of the gaffs allows straps to be adjusted ensuring key stability of the foot in the ankle area.

Several layers of glass fabric make up the shell of the spikes which are reinforced with a strip of carbon fabric and allow for full adjustability.  Velcro secures the calf support and pad that are shaped to provide maximum comfort. 

Both the hook and the gaffs are tested at higher values up to 1000kg and although irreversible deformation occurs at this weight there are no cracks or breakages.

The Panther Tree Climbing Spikes will be priced at £290 (inc VAT) for the aluminium option and £420 (inc VAT) for the carbon.

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