Candide Challenges the Nation to be ‘Tree Inspired

by | Oct 24, 2020 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

In celebration of National Tree Week Candide Gardening is launching a campaign to encourage the nation to be ‘Tree Inspired’ through the planting of more trees and by raising awareness of the vital role trees play in helping to combat the global climate emergency.

Candide’s ‘Tree Inspired’ campaign will be launched by plantsman and tree campaigner Chris Beardshaw and will run for three weeks from 21st November – 8th December 2020, focusing on educating over half a million of Candide’s users on the benefits of trees to us and our planet.

Candide, which holds thousands of plant and tree records for the public to access, will be providing a wide range of free informative and inspiring content via its website and app throughout the campaign to raise tree awareness and encouraging audiences to:

· Learn about the incredible benefits of trees in helping to build healthier, happier communities, essential habitats for wildlife and to help tackle climate change

· Plant trees themselves or gift a tree to an English woodland via the Community Forest Trust

· Understand the Legacy Impact of how planting just one tree each, we can help combat the global climate emergency.

Highlights of the ‘Tree Inspired’ campaign will include stories about some of our most ancient trees around England, disclosing their hidden secrets, from pagan traditions to the mysterious underground mycorrhizal networks that support them, and inspiring videos of how best to plant trees in your own garden.

As part of ‘Tree Inspired’, Candide is also hoping to raise £10,000 for Community Forest Trust, which will enable the Charity to plant 1,000 trees across woodland in England this Winter. Each tree planted will capture approximately 135kg of carbon over 30 years, helping to play a part in combating the Global Climate Emergency.

Funds for the Charity will be raised through a selection of sustainable gifts available to purchase on Candide Marketplace, for friends family and loved ones. Plus there will be details of how people can get involved with supporting CFT’s tree planting activities.

Helen Allsebrook PR and Comms Manager at Candide

Commenting, Candide’s Head of Communications, Helen Allsebrook (pictured) said, “Trees are something everyone can relate to. From childhood adventures in forests to admiring the fall of autumnal leaves. Now is the time to turn that admiration into action to help fight the global climate crisis. If each of us commits to planting just one tree in a protected area, we can contribute to the UN achieving Global Goals 13 and 15, Life on Land and Climate Action.”

She continued, “We decided to support Community Forest Trust this year, to enable everyone to make a tangible impact, whether they have an outdoor space or not. Donating to this Charity helps secure the future of our forests and woodlands, be it through donating a tree on behalf of a loved one for Christmas, or getting involved as a volunteer in their communal planting activities.”

Candide’s team of 60 employees have committed to taking a day off to take part in a mass planting in 2021 with Community Forest Trust, and they encourage all organisations to do the same as a tangible way to secure our treasured woodland.

CFT Marketing and Communications Lead, Sarah Nurton said, “We are delighted Candide is supporting our work with their Tree Inspired Campaign. Trees are one of the best solutions to our climate emergency; multi-functional living tools that help make our urban areas more resilient to the challenges of a rapidly changing climate. Not only do they create habitats for wildlife, improve our health and wellbeing, but they also act as a natural carbon sink. Tree planting will play an essential role in the UK’s efforts to hit net zero carbon emissions by 2050. With accessible campaigns such as Tree Inspired, we can all do something to help make this happen!”.

More information about the campaign will be on between 21 November – 8 December 2020.