Bartlett Tree Experts find Biochar improves resilience to Chalara

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Tree care products produced by Carbon Gold, the world’s leading biochar company, have been found to suppress ash dieback in a recent study featured on the BBC’s Countryfile on Sunday 21 February.

The research featured on the BBC’s best-loved programme reveals that ash dieback could be more effectively managed and the spread of the disease slowed and potentially halted using Carbon Gold’s biochar-based Tree Soil Improver.

The study was carried out by Bartlett Tree Research Laboratory, the leading organisation on tree science in the UK and the US and a Carbon Gold customer. . It took place on a site in Essex managed by the Woodland Trust and known to be infected with ash dieback. The programme monitored 2,000 established ash trees over a three year period, during which one third had become infected. Ash trees treated with Carbon Gold’s enriched biochar however were proven to be more resistant to the disease and none were infected. When these results were released, Countryfile was keen to investigate.

James MacPhail, Commercial Development Manager for Carbon Gold says, “We are thrilled with the results this study has produced so far. We continue to work with Bartlett Tree Research Laboratory as part of this ongoing research on the effects of our tree products into a range of different tree health issues over the coming years.

“These ground breaking trials were created using Carbon Gold’s innovative enriched biochar blends – taking an organic production approach to soil health. Our products have been created especially for the professional landscaping industry to increase survival rates of newly planted trees and shrubs. As such they have been proven to reduce synthetic input costs and take pressure off maintenance contracts especially in the hotter summer months.”