Barcham Trees share measuring systems

by | Jun 18, 2016 | Featured Slider, Latest, News, Technical

Barcham Trees is offering tree-care professionals the chance to view, first-hand, how it tests the health of trees on its Cambridgeshire nursery. Specifically, Barcham are keen to share how it uses the Arborcheck Nursery Benchmark System, developed by Hansatech Instruments Ltd and the nursery. It is based on data relating to tree health accumulated independently at Barcham by Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories. It is then measured by Hansatech’s chlorophyll fluorescence measuring systems. 

Bartlett personnel will be testing trees at Barcham from 11 – 22 July 2016.


The Arborcheck system measures chlorophyll fluorescence emissions from the leaves of a tree and compares the measured values with the benchmarks for the same genus, species or cultivar of trees tested at Barcham during recent years. It all comes as part of the nursery’s intensive tree health and biosecurity programme.


Chlorophyll fluorescence is an indication of the fate of excitation in the leaf photosynthetic apparatus. It provides a rapid, non-invasive and non-destructive diagnostic system of detecting and quantifying physiological injury in leaves in numerous stress conditions. The conditions tested include low temperature, salinity and water.


For an opportunity to view the procedure and discuss its benefits, please e-mail Natasha Hutchison to book an appointment between 11 and 22 July.