Barcham Treees seeks good news from local authorities

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Julie Tenney’s role at Barcham Trees requires her to liaise frequently with the Cambridgeshire nursery’s local authority customers. She is well aware councils and their tree officers have to take a deal of ‘flak’ from the public, but is equally aware of their love of trees and the lengths to which many individuals go to share this commitment with others, often in their own time or at their own expense.

“Tree officers do a great job”, says Julie. “And while they may not wish to blow their own trumpets, we would love their colleagues or employers to let us know about how they enrich their communities. In short, we would like to hear good news and then publish it in a regular Barcham newsletter sent to other tree care professionals and local authorities”.

Barcham Trees invites examples of individuals or groups who have shared their love of trees. Please e-mail stories and accompanying images to Julie Tenney