Barcham offers Arborcheck service for young and newly planted trees

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Barcham Trees is now offering an on-site service to test the health of young and newly planted tree stock. The Arborcheck Nursery Benchmark System was developed by Hansatech Industries Ltd and the Cambridgeshire nursery, and is based on data relating to tree health accumulated independently at Barcham by Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories and measured by Hansatech’s chlorophyll fluorescence measuring systems.

The Arborcheck system measures chlorophyll fluorescence emissions from the leaves of a tree and compares the measured values with the benchmarks for the same genus, species or cultivar of trees tested at Barcham during recent years as part of the nursery’s intensive tree health and biosecurity programme.

The service is being coordinated by Barcham’s Tom Wilson and provides tree care professionals with an independent standard and an early warning system long before visual signs of ill health are noticed, allowing remedial action to be taken.

Tom said: “Chlorophyll fluorescence is an indication of the fate of excitation in the leaf photosynthetic apparatus, and provides a rapid, non-invasive and non-destructive diagnostic system of detecting and quantifying physiological injury in leaves in numerous stress conditions such as low temperature, salinity and water.”

For further details of the service, telephone Tom Wilson on 01353 720748 or e-mail

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