Artist Dan Llywelyn Hall joins HS2 campaigners outside Euston Station

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Artist Dan Llywelyn Hall will be joining campaigners today outside Euston Station between 10:30 and 14:30. Euston Gardens, where the group will be gathering, yesterday saw the first cutting of trees to pave way for the HS2.

Dan Llywelyn Hall was invited by national tree campaigner Rob McBride to the site on Monday 29th January before the firs trees were felled.

Dan says ahead of today’s ‘drawing’ protest:

‘It seems our country is about to witness one of the greatest fellings since Nelson’s Armada of our national woodlands by a largely unnecessary train line that will carve its way through our ancient woodlands and the lungs of the south. The casual disregard for our essential natural resource is the inconveniently get in the way of suchlike contracts seems to be endemic in the UK.’

The artist will be at work on the drawing all morning and cannot be contacted unless by way of attending the site. Campaigners will be present to answer questions. 07901593298

Read more about the protests on Rob McBride’s blog here.