Arbsafe approved by Police

by | Nov 28, 2014 | Featured Slider, Kit, Latest, News

Arbsafe, the UK’s only asset management and stolen equipment register aimed at the tree care industry has been awarded Police Preferred Specification status by Secured by Design, a flagship UK police initiative to help ‘design outcrime through the use of high quality innovative products and processes.

Arbsafe ( is a new initiative by and sponsored by STIHL GB as a direct response to the continued increase in crime targeted at the tree care industry. Arbsafe provides a free publicly searchable database of any stolen equipment registered within its pages, its ultimate goal to act both as a deterrent to criminals and also to assist with reuniting owners with their stolen assets.  In order to achieve Secured by Design status, Arbsafe had to adhere to rigorous testing standards, primarily demonstrating the security of the database.

Steve Bullman, owner and developer of Arbsafe said ‘ Gaining accreditation with Secured by Design is a huge boost for the site’s credibility, which in turn we hope will increase our profile and help realise our ultimate goal of reducing theft within our industry’

Commenting on the initiative, Arbsafe registered user Josh Phillpotts said :

‘Arbsafe gives me the security of knowing that if my equipment was stolen, it would make it harder for the thieves to resell, or for an unsuspecting person to unknowingly purchase stolen equipment fuelling the crime rate.  It also gives me the hope that stolen goods can be reunited with their owner and is a secure platform to save serial numbers and the like with no risk of misplacing those details.’

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