Arb Association: Chalara guide released in Kent

by | May 7, 2014 | Featured Slider, News

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Britain’s trees are under unprecedented threat from new pests and diseases, including Chalara dieback of ash. Mike Sankus, AA trustee and Chair of the Arboricultural Association’s South East Branch, has worked closely with partners in the Forestry Commission, Kent Downs AONB and Kent County Council to produce a guide which offers practical advice for local councils, highway authorities, private tree and woodland owners, and contractors in Kent, to help slow the spread, minimise impacts on biodiversity, protect economic return from timber production, safeguard the public, and comply with legislation. Particular thanks go to Jonathan Harding from the Forestry Commission and Dan Docker, a tree officer in Kent, who drafted the document with Mike Sankus.

Download the leaflet here

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