Apprenticeships – Annie Price – High Elms Tree Surgery

by | Aug 30, 2015 | Apprentices, Featured Slider, Features

Each month Pro Arb’s apprenticeship feature showcases a young person starting out in the arboriculture industry. This month, we meet Annie Price

What is your name, age and job title?
Annie Price, 21, apprentice tree surgeon.

And why did you chose arboriculture as your profession?
I love working outdoors. The work is exciting, every day is different and I enjoy the work atmosphere among men.

Where are you conducting the study part of your apprenticeship and what courses have you taken?
I am studying at Capel Manor College where I go for five days every six to eight weeks and focus on a specific arboricultural ticket during the working week. I have my CS30 Chainsaw maintenance and cross cutting; CS31 Fell and process small trees; and chipper tickets so far. I need to book my CS38 Climb trees and perform aerial rescue and CS39 Chainsaw from a rope and harness assessments soon and I will gain a level 2 certifi cate in trees and timber at the end of my course. I have also learned about all the current legislation and regulations relating to the industry.

Annie Price

Does the apprenticeship include any business studies elements?
The level 2 apprenticeship doesn’t include any business studies as it is covered in the level 3, which I hope to study for next year.

What is your current role within High Elms Tree Surgery?
My main role is coordinating on the ground and supporting my colleagues undertaking aerial operations.

And what does your typical working day consist of?
The job specifications carried out day to day are varied. My current role is groundsman so I control works from the ground by clearing and processing and I assist the climber throughout the day. I also help maintain all tools and equipment.

Annie Price
What part of your role do you most enjoy?
There are many things I love about my job but as exciting as the action is, I love learning. I learn so much every day and it makes me look forward to my future.

And what is your favourite piece of equipment?
It’s always fun to use a chainsaw but my favourite machine is the Bandit chipper. I’m always amazed by the size it can chip in one go. A very impressive piece of kit.

So what is the worst part of the job?
I enjoy all aspects of my job but the one thing I don’t like is the summer weather. I have never liked hot weather so doing such a physical job in chainsaw trousers when it’s hot can be really tough!

Is there a structured development plan for you at High Elms Tree Surgery?
High Elms Tree Surgery has helped with my development in the industry so much. Without them I couldn’t have done the course and gained all the knowledge I have done so far or the tickets needed to work in the industry. I look forward to finishing my apprenticeship and further practising everything I have learned.

What are your ultimate ambitions within the industry?
I would like to be a lead climber. Then I would like to take on a management role.

“Annie is a very capable and keen young lady who takes every day in her stride. She is a pleasure to have on our team, works well and is popular with her colleagues. Her college assessors are very pleased with her progress. Annie is a hard worker, reliable and a great team player. She is a valuable asset and we wish her every success with the remainder of her apprenticeship. There will definitely be a full time job for her with High Elms once she has completed her course.” – Sean Morris