8,000 trees a year planted through Woodland Trust Energy

by | Oct 29, 2014 | Featured Slider, News

With winter fast approaching, how we pay for our household energy once more comes to the fore – and for some the choice is to go green.

By paying for their electric and gas through Woodland Trust Energy people fund the planting of more than 8,000 trees a year.

OVO Energy, the energy provider for the scheme, donates 2.5 per cent from everyone’s annual bill to the Woodland Trust to fund the tree planting.   Tiverton based furniture maker Martin Dearmun and partner Celia, an occupational therapist, use Woodland Trust Energy to power their three bed semi-detached and say it is good to put back into the environment what they take out of it.

Martin said: “We got a bit disillusioned with how we paid for our energy bills, particularly as we felt we were just lining the pockets of big companies.

“Really we wanted to pay for our energy, while helping the environment.

“We are supporters of the Woodland Trust and felt Woodland Trust Energy was a great way to pay for our supplies and came out very competitive with cost. We enjoy walking and camping so have a close affinity to woods and the environment.

“Using trees in my woodworking I felt this perhaps re-dressed the balance a little,”   Of the two fixed price tariffs on offer, Martin chose the Better Energy plan which guarantees 15 per cent renewable electricity. Woodland Trust Energy also offers a Greener Energy plan which enables customers to purchase 100 per cent renewable electricity.   Both options though guarantee funds towards woodland creation and management. The average family’s bill will amount to around a £30 donation to the Woodland Trust a year – funding the planting of approximately ten trees.

Karl Mitchell, Director of Fundraising at the Woodland Trust said: “We know that the use of any energy – gas or electric – in households has implications on the environment of course but Woodland Trust Energy is all about giving people a greener option with a competitive price. People can help us to create and protect woodland habitats. For us it also means we can plant more trees and this is hugely important with woodland covering just 13 per cent of the country which is far less than most European countries.”

Jason Sharpe, Managing Director of OVO Energy said: “As an energy company, it’s our responsibility to help protect the environment. We’re very proud to partner with the Woodland Trust to offer customers like Martin, who want to help make a difference, a deal for their energy which is also good for our countryside.”

Here is what using the Woodland Trust Energy can do:

£25 a year could create 40 square metres of wildflower meadows.

£30 a year could help pay for a school tree pack consisting of different species of trees for schoolchildren to plant in their grounds.

£30 a year will pay for the planting of ten native trees.

£30 will pay for 2m of fence to allow grazing and create the habitat needed for many woodland birds.

It’s easy to switch your energy supply. For more on Woodland Trust Energy, go to:www.woodlandtrustenergy.com   More about Martin and Celia’s household:

*Taken from the average consumption for a household are 3200Kwh of electricity and 13500 Kwh of gas per year. All companies use these to compare the costs of their tariffs.

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