3rd European i-Tree conference announced

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Event, Featured Slider, Latest, News

Following the success of the 2nd European i-Tree conference in Sweden in 2019, Treeconomics (together with Pius Floris Boomverzorging) has announced that the 3rd conference will be held in Amsterdam on 18-19 November 2020.  The theme of the conference will be ‘Using i-Tree to help combat climate change’.

i-Tree programme lead, David J. Nowak, PhD, from the US Forest Service will provide an introduction to i-Tree and talk about the future of the software.

Dr Cecil Konijnendijk van den Bosch (Professor of Urban Forestry at the University of British Columbia in Canada) will discuss the importance of urban forests in light of climate change, and the role that i-Tree has to play.  Dr Konijnendijk says, “I’m really proud to be speaking at the 3rd European i-Tree Conference in my home country, The Netherlands, and the beautiful city of Amsterdam.”

From the UK, Jon Ryan will be talking about the i-Tree project in Islington, London, and how it helped him secure substantial funding for tree planting.  This will be especially useful for urban planners who are interested in gaining funding for trees in their own towns and cities.

From Switzerland, Naomi Zurcher will bring her insights into how communities can be engaged in active forest management.

Other speakers will share their own experiences with i-Tree and and talk about their projects back home.

An i-Tree Eco workshop will take place on day two, which will cover the use and application of i-Tree Canopy and i-Tree Eco.  Following the workshop, delegates will take a guided cruise along the beautiful city canals of Amsterdam.

For further information: www.itree-europe.com