12 days of Christmas – August

by | Dec 31, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

August FeatureIn August, Pro Arb featured the electronic tree tagging system with PINE Technology, where a smartphone app and central database can be used to give arborists the information they need to get every detail right. This allows trees to be monitored and maintained far more efficiently so the overall health of the trees can be improved over time. To view more about tree tags, turn to page 24 of the issue here.


August Feature 2


The August issue also brings a Vermeer site visit. Pro Arb visited the head office in the Netherlands to meet regional manager Stephen Oppelaar, marketing specialist Pim Nolting and solutions specialist Jasper De Smit along with the managing director of Vermeer UK, Leslie Goodman. To view the feature, turn to page 32 of the issue here.