12 Days of Christmas – December 2017

by | Jan 1, 2018 | Featured Slider, Features, Latest, News

The Pro Arb team went out to the RFS Future Forester’s New Technology Day and The National Tree Officers Conference in November, two interesting perspectives on the industry from two different sectors. (Pages 9 and 12)

In ‘A Lost Legacy’ we view the history of Manchester’s Botanic Gardens. The feature was provided by Trianna Angele from environmental charity City of Trees. (Page 18)

‘Coming Home to Roost’ provided fantastic insight from Naomi Webster on the lifecycle of bats, and how arborists can ensure they take the best precautions to avoid endangering them or their habitats. (Page 21)

Rob McBride provided his insight into the Black Poplars of Argon, from his recent trip to Spain. (Page 25)

Linking with our agenda question of the time, Doug Ghinn, director of Forst, discussed the great diesel vs petrol debate, why diesel has been an industry standard for so long and what the potential benefits of petrol machines are. (26)

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