Rob Keyzor Tree Surgeons and Arboricultural Consultants takes on new Contracts Manager

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Featured Slider, Latest, News, People

From the sunny plains of Africa to the rolling hills of Staffordshire, Dak Wiles takes on new role in growing company.

David ‘Dak’ Wiles has recently taken on the position of Contracts Manager at Rob Keyzor Tree Surgeons and Arboricultural Consultants Ltd, a long established Staffordshire based company. Growing up in Africa, surrounded by beautiful countryside and magnificent forests, Dak was passionate about trees and nature. He later moved with his family to the UK, where his enthusiasm and love for trees led him to set up Explore Trees, a group for like minded people who want to explore and climb amazing trees around the world. This adventurous group of climbers have facilitated research in Africa and Brazil by accessing incredibly high canopies to replace nesting boxes for endangered Cape parrots to ensure a healthy breeding programme.

After several years of sub-contracting, Dak started to work for Rob, who was expanding and taking on extra teams of climbers. When the position of Contracts Manager became available, Dak’s friendly, approachable, ‘can do’ work ethic and his incredible organisational skills made him the ideal candidate for the role.