12 Days of Christmas – May 2017

by | Dec 25, 2017 | Featured Slider, Features, Latest, News

The Pro Arb team were brave enough to ask people how they would be voting in the general election, and how they thought this could affect the industry, within the agenda question. It is worth a read for a diverse range of opinion. (Page 4)

In ‘An Interview with Jonathan Astill’ we speak to the director of Astill Treecare about setting up his own business, working as a one-man band and changing people’s attitudes. (Page 15)

Rob McBride, the Tree-hunter climbs inside a hollow tree to suggest some steps that individual members of the public can do to try and help protect trees. (Page 18)

Pro Arb found out about Hull’s transformation in preparation for its role as 2017 City of Culture. Speaking to David Jones, arboriculture officer at Hull City Council, we found out all about the role trees and the various species played in the plan. (Page 22)

We included a very detailed, thought brief, guide to insurance as provided by Danny Haynes, operations manager at Arborplan. (Page 30)

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