12 Days of Christmas – February 2017

by | Dec 22, 2017 | Featured Slider, Features, Latest, News

Our interview with Duncan Armstrong from Aspen Tree Care discussed his journey into the industry, why he strives to involve communities in tree work and the draw of conservational work. (Page 13)

Emma Schaffert and Jon Banks from Bartlett Tree Experts gave some expert advice on dealing with black root rot; defining the symptoms and the general management of the fungal root rot pathogen, which affects many plant species. (Page 16)

The team took a trip to London Borough of Tower Hamlets in February to have a chat with Ed Buckton, the senior arboricultural officer at Tower Hamlets Council. Ed is a key player in the borough’s ‘Clean and Green’ team and has great insight into London’s green spaces. (Page 20)

The HM Principal Inspector of health and safety at HSE spoke to Pro Arb about ‘hand arm vibration syndrome’, a condition caused by vibration damage to the fingers, arms and hands, its symptoms and how to take precautions against it. (Page 24)

Wayne Elwell from ‘About Trees’ shares his tom ten tips on dealing with ash dieback. (Page 26)

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