12 Days of Christmas – January 2017

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Featured Slider, Features, Latest, News

We spoke to Maggie Wrights, the Principal Tree Officer at London Borough of Sutton about the challenges that come from over-development and how the public can influence the future of their trees. (Page 9)

Following on from themes generated through discussion at the 2016 FutureArb seminar, Jonathan Hazell wrote about how arborists can stay relevant. Jonathan is as methodical in his approach as ever, explaining the execution of his suggestions in the most helpful way imaginable. (Page 13)

Our feature ‘Inside Southampton City Council’ tackled an increasingly popular theme within local tree management: bringing tree surgery in house to cut costs. As one of five cities chosen for the implementation of the clean air zone, the council’s approach to both Co2 emissions and budget proved an interesting read. “The team is keen to be inventive when it comes to boosting their budget,” Loren Scott told us. (Page 17)

The market report breaks down the issue: ‘What’s next for the arboriculture industry?’ with a simple and easy to understand format. Issues like technology, biosecurity and funding are given brief overviews. It is an interesting read to see how relevant it has been through the year. (Page 18)

To view the January issue, please click here.