May 23, 2018

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01903 777570

Joe Wilkinson
Commissioning Editor

01903 777577

Laura Harris
Account Manager

01903 777580

3 Responses to “Contact the team”
  1. Susan Field says:

    Hello – we are on your circulation list, ID 38781.
    We currently receive two copies of Pro Arb for each issue …but we are a very small company so one copy would suffice.
    Could you please amend your records accordingly; our copy should be marked for the attention of Mr. Paul Harris.
    Many thanks

  2. Edward Morrow says:

    Hello ProArb,

    Are you guys looking for contributing writers?

    If so, I would love to share business tips and stories as an arborist and accountant.

    Would an initial article that talks about key business metrics for tree care owners be of any interest to your readers?


    Edward Morrow
    Author, Accountant, Arborist

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