November 17, 2018

The Arboricultural Association gives its verdict on the NPPF


The Arboricultural Association is pleased to welcome the Governments’ newly revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), which gives ancient and veteran trees greater protection. Under the guidelines published this week they will only be removed for ‘exceptional reasons’. Congratulations to our friends at the Ancient Tree Forum and The Woodland Trust after their dedicated campaigning for these improvements. A step forward but… The Associations’ response to the consultation reiterated the need for greater protection of ancient and veteran trees, but also sought to include urban trees in the framework. So while the news is a step forward, we’re disappointed that…

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Why trees are better than people | John Parker | TEDxCanton

Did you know that trees in urban areas can improve child development, reduce violence and boost house prices? John Parker tells us about ‘nature’s air-conditioners’, and why we shouldn’t take them for granted.

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Britain must cherish its trees or lose them


The recent felling of 110,000 mature trees by city councils in Britain such as Sheffield, and the secretive tree-cutting operations of Network Rail, will seem like kindling compared with the bonfires that will have to be lit if diseases take hold in our gardens, avenues, copses and forests. Britain lost 30 million elms to Dutch elm disease in the 1970s. In London, many horse chestnuts have drooping brown leaves and struggle to produce their white candle flowers, having been invaded by the leaf miner moth. Millions of ash trees are at risk of ash dieback, which was first found in a…

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This is just how valuable trees really are


The most valuable benefit is air quality. In this paper, London gained £375m of value thanks to trees filtering the air of pollution from things such as diesel cars and buses. This would increase if more trees were planted, especially if they were placed next to busy main roads. Trees are living things and as such they grow. To grow they suck carbon dioxide out of the air and convert it into bigger trunks, stronger branches, and more leaves. The trees in London sequester CO₂, which has a benefit of £11.9m per annum. But trees grow year on year, so…

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Trees on farms essential to improve environmental protection post Brexit


Major agroforestry trials should be established during the EU withdrawal period Brexit, according to a report launched 12 June by the Woodland Trust and Soil Association. Government support for farmer-led research and innovation networks seeking to integrate trees and agriculture should also be trialled according to the policy document “Agroforestry in England: Benefits, Barriers and Opportunities.” Agroforestry, the combination of trees and shrubs with agriculture, involves rows of trees through arable crops like wheat, dotted through pasture like parkland, or planted close together to provide cover for plants and animals. Combining trees and farming can increase productivity, diversify farm businesses,…

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Counter claims made by site owner as Monikie tree felling enforcement saga continues


Forestry Commission Scotland said work undertaken at the former curling pond site Monikie in January to remove trees and undergrowth by Ayrshire-based Avancan Property Management were “exceptional” and likely to have had “significant effects on the environment.” The firm was told to prepare a 10-year plan of maintenance measures to restore the land and replant trees in response to an enforcement notice by the watchdog following its investigation. Site owner James Canavan successfully applied to dissolve his company but was given until April 30 to appeal the enforcement notice. The appeal was lodged by Mr Canavan’s solicitor Davidson Chalmers from…

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Check trees for storm damage, says expert


A national green service provider is reminding landowners of the need to check trees after a storm, following the treacherous weather conditions that have been sweeping the UK. Arborists from Glendale have been called out to more than 200 tree-related emergencies and moved over 300 tonnes of timber since Christmas and New Year due to weather-related incidents. Storm Eleanor hit parts of the UK in January, while Storm Emma and ‘The Beast from the East’ have also blighted the country, coinciding with the coldest winter since 1991 as blizzards, high winds and drifting snow caused collisions, gridlock and school closures….

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2018 Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award Recipients Announced from the UK and Canada


The Institute of Chartered Foresters is pleased to announce the four recipients of the 2018 Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award. The Institute’s Student members Tom Haynes and Michael Wilson from the University of Cumbria were selected among talented competition as the United Kingdom applicants, while Daniel Root from the University of Toronto and Erin Pearson from College of the North Atlantic were selected among top Canadian recipients. Now in its fourth year, the Award program is fully endorsed by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. The Award program is a UK-Canada partnership between The Prince of Wales’ Duchy…

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Horse Chestnut wins title of UK’s favourite tree in landslide victory


Perhaps due to the nation’s love of conker, the Horse Chestnut won the title of the UK’s favourite tree in a landslide victory. Aesculus Hippocastanum, won more than 25 per cent of the vote in a poll run by the Royal Society of Biology (RSB), beating 14 other trees, including the Ash, Birch and Elder. An organiser of the Annual World Conker Championship, in Northamptonshire, St John Burkett, believes the Horse Chestnut’s prized fruit has helped it to become the country’s best-loved tree. “The Horse Chestnut is a beautiful looking tree and people associate it with the countryside, although it…

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Vernon Kay supports Sheffield tree in Twitter video


TV presenter Vernon Kay has thrown his weight behind a campaign to save a Sheffield tree up for the axe, with video released on his Twitter.  The Bolton-born star, more commonly known for his work on All Star Family Fortunes and T4, has denounced Sheffield Council in its bid to chop down the Vernon Oak on Vernon Road in Dore. The tree is just one of many earmarked in the long-running felling saga between Sheffield Council, contractor Amey and campaigners who are fighting to save it. The Vernon Oak was nominated for the Sheffield Tree of the Year 2017. The…

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