April 18, 2018

National Trust project sees 4,000 new trees planted near Beatrix Potter’s former farm house


A major new project from the National Trust has taken place across 4.5 hectares at Moss Eccles Tarn, with 4,000 new saplings planted near one of Beatric Potter’s favourite areas. Participants from the National Trust teamed up with volunteers and rangers to plant the trees. The work started last November near Miss Potter’s farmhouse, Hill Top in Near Sawrey after a number of larch trees became infected. Around 1000m of deer fence was also erected to protect the young trees. Woodland Ranger Richard Tanner said: “I can imagine what the woodland might look like in 100 years’ time, in my…

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Trees provide £1.29m worth of benefits a year in Southampton


Research led by the University of Southampton has shown that Southampton reaps £1.29m worth of benefits from hundreds of thousands of trees in its city park and urban spaces. The study looked at factors like climate regulation, air pollution removal, flood protection, provision of wildlife habitats and the benefit of access to green ‘tree’ space on people’s physical and mental health. The university worked in collaboration with Southampton City Council, Forest Research (research agency of the Forestry Commission) and social enterprise Treeconomics, the researchers used specialist software to assess the value of the tree population to the city. Lead researcher and Associate Professor in…

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Sefton Council seeks advice from tree experts over tree felling


Sefton Council is set to meet with tree experts after a protest was held again plans to fell trees in Formby village. Contractors were confronted by angry residents holding protests in the village when they tried to chop down five horse chestnut trees. Expert advice is being sought by the council having previously stated that the trees posed a health and safety risk. A spokesman for Sefton Council said: “As promised, we agreed with Formby Parish Council and local councillors to defer the tree removal works planned in Formby Village to give an opportunity for them to commission an independent…

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China to deploy 60,000 soldiers to plant 6,000,000 hectares of new trees


China will be mobilising 60,000 soldiers to plant 6.6 million hectares of new trees over the next year, a space of land around the size of Ireland. Soldiers will be reassigned from The People’s Liberation Army with the goal of increasing the country’s total forest coverage from 21% to 23%. Millions of trees will be planted in Hebei, a province surrounding the capital Beijing, which is heavily polluted and a major reason behind the infamous smog throughout the city. Zhang Jianlong, head of the State Forestry Administration, stated that this scheme will be a part of the larger 33.8 million…

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250-year-old plane trees to be pruned and cut due to fungus in Hackney


The plane trees, each around 250 years old, are set to be pruned back and then eventually cut down in the London borough of Hackney due to fungus, which is eating away at their roots. Though the trees are seen as something of a local landmark, representatives state that their roots are being eaten away by a fungus, which is leaving them dangerously unstable. The news was delivered at Clissold House on Tuesday by Hackney Council arboriculture specialist Thomas Campbell, who said new trees would be grown from cuttings of the two in question. A town hall spokesman said: “Following…

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Dudley Council agrees to review tree maintenance policy


Dudley council has agreed to review its policy relating to tree maintenance after UKIP councillow Bill Etheridge, representative of Sedgley, put forward a motion asking for the public to have more say on the cutting back of “nuisance” trees. The motion was submitted by UKIP’s Dudley group leader, Councillor Paul Brothwood due to cllr Etheridge other engagements. Speaking at the meeting, cllr Brothwood said: “When you get elected, there are three major things you come across, potholes, badgers and trees – being a major one. Certainly in Sedgley there has been quite a serious problem. “As local councillors we know…

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Disease-resistant elm to be developed in Sheffield


The English elm has gone from being the UK’s most common tree prior to the 1960s to one of the rarest today due to Dutch elm disease, which has wiped out over 60 million trees since its arrival in the UK. A resident of Sheffield is aiming to start a new initiative which will bring the elm back to the UK, with the help of Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust. The national project aims to establish eight experimental plantations across the UK, with three saplings of eight varieties of Dutch elm disease-resistant elm trees being planted in Greno Woods. The…

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New tree officer employed to oversee 3,500 new trees planted in Croydon


Croydon Council is set to spend £900,000 on planting 3,500 new trees throughout the borough in the next five years. An average of 700 trees per year between 2018 and 2023 at an annual cost of £180,000 in a bid to improve air quality in the borough. Areas will poor air quality will have trees planted first, making the town centre and surrounding areas, including the more northern wards, like to be prioritised. Local councillors and residents have requested other locations such as road junctions, which have higher pollution levels to be prioritised also. Varieties of trees will include cherry,…

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Put your safety first: PPE in 2018


With European PPE regulations about to be revised, Paul George of Landmark Trading explains what the key changes will be, why they’re happening, and how they will help those working in the arboriculture industry. By Paul George In any industry, there’s always the potential for accident and misuse of vital equipment. Although when you work with any sort of heavy machinery, like chainsaws and chippers, or work at heights, the stakes are easily raised. We’ve all heard the unfortunate stories that make the headlines, and it’s no doubt that a few of us have stories of our own near misses….

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Private training provider The Training Tree looks towards the future


There is a major behind the scenes change with The Training Tree, a private training provider currently delivering the ABC level 4 diploma in arboriculture. Lisa Sanderson, training developer and lecturer, is taking on The Training Tree as her own thanks to the support and encouragement of Jago Keen, the company founder. The company was set up by Jago and Lisa to fill a much needed gap in the training industry. Courses have been tailored to allow flexibility in the hectic modern world, allowing students to fit education in around their varied and busy lifestyles. This modernisation of education allows…

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