December 11, 2018

What do trees do at night?


Asking what trees do at night sounds odd. They’re trees. They just stand there, right? Wrong. It turns out trees get up to a lot more than you’d imagine at night – it turns out they even go to sleep … It’s easy to assume plants grow at a slow, steady rate around the clock – but Charles Darwin showed that they actually grow in spurts late at night, with plant stems elongating fastest in the hours just before dawn. They also drink heavily. Plants absorb water in their roots (a process called transpiration) and then, as water evaporates from…

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‘Test tube trees’: An insurance policy against extinction?

test tube

A tiny oak tree emerges from a test tube in the laboratory. The seedling of the mighty oak has had an unusual start in life. Raised using techniques pioneered in fertility labs, it is the product of new efforts to preserve the seeds of wild plants. The world is losing plants at an unprecedented rate, with about one in five thought to be at risk of extinction. “It’s an insurance policy against extinction in the wild,” says Dr John Dickie of Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst in West Sussex. “In situ conservation, in a reserve, is always the best, because…

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Tree surgeon fined £3,000 for dumping waste wood near major road


A tree surgeon has been fined more than £3,000 after dumping felled timber and waste on land off a major road. Richard Carrington, of Congleton, was spotted by a local farmer unloading his flat-bed tipper truck in a field off the A34 near Moreton. After leaving a pile of timber, wood chips and a wooden gate, as well as protective workwear, goggles and masks, the 28-year-old attempted to leave the scene but was blocked by a member of the public. Police were called to the scene and provided the council with supporting statements towards the prosecution. Carrington was told at…

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Sheffield council proposes deal to cut down fewer trees

sheffield council

Sheffield council has proposed a deal under which fewer trees would be cut down as a result of its controversial road maintenance scheme, following a long-running dispute with campaigners. The council paused the felling temporarily in March after dozens of protesters were arrested while attempting to stop trees being chopped down. About 5,500 trees have so far been removed and replaced with saplings as part of a 25-year, £2.2bn private finance initiative deal with the contractor Amey. Under the agreement, which was signed by the Labour council in 2012, the company is tasked with maintaining the city’s roads and pavements, including its 36,000…

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Seven times more money will be spent on potholes than planting trees

planting trees

Philip Hammond is set to pledge £60m towards planting trees in his last Budget before Brexit. But the pledge has not soothed concern from green campaigners who slammed the Chancellor for spending 500 times that amount on roads. They described the £60m as ‘tokenistic’ when compared with the £30bn being set aside for infrastructure and £420 million on potholes. Liz Hutchins, director of campaigns at Friends of the Earth, told ‘Reforesting Britain needs root-and-branch reforms in the way we use land, not just a few million quid for saplings. ‘It’s good that the government are finally putting some money…

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£60m ‘greenery drive’ to plant 10 million trees in England


More than 10 million trees will be planted across England with the injection of £60m of new funding over five years, as part of what the government billed as its “drive to preserve the country’s greenery”. The bulk of the money, £50m, will pay landowners for planting trees that lock up carbon, which observers said raised questions over how accessible those woodlands would be to the public. That fund, the Woodland Carbon Guarantee scheme, should pay for 10m trees. The other £10m will be targeted at planting in cities and towns and should fund at least 100,000 more trees. The…

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The winners of the 2018 Tree of the Year

tree of the year

A beech tree created to woo a sweetheart 100 years ago, which is still a popular place to pop the question, wins England’s Tree of the Year. The public voted overwhelmingly to crown Nellie’s Tree in Aberford, Leeds, its 2018 winner. The tree was grafted from three saplings to form an N by Vic Stead who would make a daily walk to see his girlfriend Nellie. They would later marry. The winning trees for Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland are also below, going live on the BBC’s The One Show on Wednesday 17 October. The winners of each country’s Tree of the Year are: Northern Ireland…

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‘Without trees we won’t survive’: Prince Harry, environmental message

prince harry

In the local language, Queensland’s Fraser Island is called K’gari, meaning paradise, and that’s just what Prince Harry says he found during his visit. The Duke of Sussex turned his focus from the Invictus Games for wounded war veterans to the environment on the seventh day of his royal tour of Australia. His first engagement was to dedicate the K’gari/Fraser forest to the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, a network of forest conservation initiatives, which involves most countries of the Commonwealth. He said the project was committed to raising awareness of the value of Indigenous forest and to saving them for future generations. “Put simply, without…

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The new ECHO CS-4510ES


The introduction of the new ECHO CS-4510ES is set the rival the top rear handle chainsaws. It comes equipped with a 45cc two-stroke stratified scavenging engine. The power-to-weight ratio makes it more powerful yet lighter than previous models. It offers a better output of 2.3kW and has a dry weight of just 5.0kg.   The Stage II emission compliant engine is one of ECHO’s new engine platforms. The two-stroke has a piston operated scavenging system. In this, a layer of fuel-free air comes between the burnt charge in the combustion chamber and the fresh charge in the crankcase. The buffer…

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Horticulture Careers launches new website

horticulture careers

Horticulture Careers in association with Pro Arb is happy to announce the launch of their new jobs portal. To satisfy the growing demand for committed and passionate workers, Horticulture Careers has created a bespoke site. This includes new features designed for ease of use, and to encourage candidates to keep up with vacancies in real-time.   New user-friendly interface A modern design makes the site easier to navigate and applications are simpler for the candidate.   Improved company profiles Jobseekers can choose to follow companies they have an interest in. This allows them to receive notifications when new vacancies come…

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