July 17, 2018

Quadron Services and volunteers restore community orchard


Grounds maintenance company, Quadron Services was delighted to work in partnership with Charnwood Borough Council, Loughborough in Bloom, Transition Loughborough, local residents and volunteers to plant eight new apple trees for the Community Orchard at Gorse Covert Hill, Loughborough. Quadron’s Horticultural Development Manager, Nicola Clarke, was pleased to be able to donate the maiden apple trees on behalf of Bernard Sheridan, Quadron’s new Contract Manager for Charnwood Borough Council’s recently outsourced Open Spaces Contract.  The apple trees, which included popular varieties such as Cox’s Orange Pippin, James Grieve and Egremont Russet, were to replace young trees that had been vandalised…

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Yosemite National Park celebrates its 150th birthday


Yosemite National Park on Monday marked 150 years since President Abraham Lincoln signed an act protecting the park for generations of visitors. The celebration included a groundbreaking to launch a project restoring the Mariposa Grove, which consists of 500 mature giant sequoia trees that are among the oldest living organisms in the world. National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis said the anniversary should be a reminder of the ancient treasures within the park. ‘We stand in awe among these giant trees that are thousands of years old and are reminded about the importance of protecting our natural resources so that…

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A New Documentary Shows the Making of the 9/11 Memorial’s Urban Forest


Before the dust could settle at the site of the 9/11 tragedy, people were already making plans for what should or shouldn’t happen there. In a space so heavy with devastation, terror, loss, and sadness, it’s difficult to move forward both in terms of the mental well-being of an entire country in mourning as well as the design of a new place of remembrance. But, somehow, we have. The 9/11 Memorial and Museum are now both officially functioning tribute zones — and, whether you like the design or not, they have physical and emotional staying power. Still, a lot of…

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Are commercial woods a good place to invest surplus business cash?


If you have surplus cash then it makes sense to invest it and get it working for you. There are, of course, many ways to do this. With interest rates remaining low for the moment, buying woods or a forest is, according to Carol Cheesman of Cheesmans Accountants, becoming increasingly popular. Recently the value of commercial woodlands has been increasing and they offer many tax advantages for investors. For example, where there is a commercial occupation of woodlands in the UK, the income and profits made from sales of the timber are not subject to income tax or corporation tax. Occupation…

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Trustmark supports tree surgeons on new consumer contracts


Following the introduction of the new Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, scheme operators for TrustMark, the Government endorsed quality mark for expert tradespeople, are swinging into action to help landscapers and tree surgeons comply with the significant changes that now apply to home improvement and repair contracts. The new regulations introduce major changes in the law relating to consumer protection. They now apply to consumer contracts made on-premises (through retail stores), made at a distance (including online sales) and off-premises  (e.g. in-home or garden sales / services). Landscaping and tree surgery firms will need to review their processes and…

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Susdrain – Getting trees right in the urban environment event


Greenblue Urban will be attending the Susdrain – Getting trees right in the urban environment event on 15th July 2014 in Richmond. Greenblue Urban has been offered a limited number of free tickets (worth £75) to this event. If you are interested in these free tickets then please email ruth.hynes@ciria.org to book a place. Event description Large species trees are in decline and under threat in our urban areas, and we need to act quickly to reverse this trend. Trees play a multifunctional role in the built environment and are important components in green infrastructure; they contribute to sustainable water management, help to manage surface…

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Residents’ anger over 45ft trees behind homes on Laceby street


A Laceby pensioner claims overhanging trees are blighting the lives of residents on his street. Eric Cockerill, of Hawerby Road, has hit out at North East Lincolnshire Council over the huge silver birch trees behind his home, which he said have not been maintained for seven years. The trees sit the other side of his back garden fence, inside the grounds of Stanford Junior And Infants’ School. He believes the trees to be around 45 feet high, dwarfing the row of homes – and many of the branches encroach into gardens. The council has since said it had implemented a…

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Carbohydrates help trees survive drought


Trees that have higher levels of starch and sugars can survive droughts better than species with lower levels, say scientists. The study, published today in Nature Communications, provides the first evidence that having increased amounts of soluble sugars and starch compounds, called non-structural carbohydrates (NSCs), means a plant is able to survive longer during a drought. The research was part of a wider project investigating the effectiveness of conservation efforts in Borneo rainforests and whether they will leave the forest more susceptible to climate change. ‘We wanted to know if species differ in their levels of NSCs, and if so, does…

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Calling all lovers of Hockeridge and Pancake Wood


A call has gone out for all those who enjoy Hockeridge and Pancake Wood near Ashley Green, Hertfordshire, to become more involved in its management. The owner, the Royal Forestry Society (RFS), has organised an open meeting at The Old School in Ashley Green for Thursday 24 July at 7.30pm. RFS Development Director Simon Lloyd explained: “The woods are managed sustainably for timber and wood products alongside public access and biodiversity, and are much loved and walked by local people. “As an education charity dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of the economic, environmental and social benefits of trees and…

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Falling tree critically injures forestry worker

falling tree

A forestry worker has been critically injured by a falling tree. The man, believed to be aged between 19 and 30, was working in woods at Catlowdy, north Cumbria, when he was hit. He was treated by air ambulance and North West Ambulance Service staff before being flown to Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary. He has life-threatening back injuries but was stable on arrival at hospital, an air ambulance spokesman said.  

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