April 19, 2018

Artist Dan Llywelyn Hall joins HS2 campaigners outside Euston Station


Artist Dan Llywelyn Hall will be joining campaigners today outside Euston Station between 10:30 and 14:30. Euston Gardens, where the group will be gathering, yesterday saw the first cutting of trees to pave way for the HS2. Dan Llywelyn Hall was invited by national tree campaigner Rob McBride to the site on Monday 29th January before the firs trees were felled. Dan says ahead of today’s ‘drawing’ protest: ‘It seems our country is about to witness one of the greatest fellings since Nelson’s Armada of our national woodlands by a largely unnecessary train line that will carve its way through…

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Yorkshire Water pledges to support the Northern Forest with one million trees


Yorkshire Water have pledged to plant one million trees across Yorkshire over the next ten years in a bid to reduce flood risk, offset carbon emissions and support the creation of the Northern Forest. The company has already been working with volunteers to plant 200,000 trees at Gorpley reservoir near Todmorden as a part of their flood management scheme. As one of the biggest landowners in Yorkshire, Yorkshire Water have been working with the White Rose forest Partnership to may its 28,000 hectares of land and assess where planting more trees will have the most impact on flood reduction, carbon,…

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Makita launches twin 18v (36v) split-shaft LXT multi-tool


Makita has launched a 36v cordless multi-tool system for landscape maintenance operations together with a range of quick-fit attachments including the newly introduced Brush Cutter and Linetrimmer in addition to the Cultivator, Pole Saw, Hedge Trimmer and lawn Edging Tool. The pole extension allows even greater reach for the Pole Saw and Hedge Trimmer. With the move to battery powered grounds maintenance machines becoming ever more popular, particularly at the demand of municipal authorities and public bodies, Makita offers a range of 18v tools and, more recently, an expanding inventory of twin 18v machines to give 36v power. The power…

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Barcham Treees seeks good news from local authorities


Julie Tenney’s role at Barcham Trees requires her to liaise frequently with the Cambridgeshire nursery’s local authority customers. She is well aware councils and their tree officers have to take a deal of ‘flak’ from the public, but is equally aware of their love of trees and the lengths to which many individuals go to share this commitment with others, often in their own time or at their own expense. “Tree officers do a great job”, says Julie. “And while they may not wish to blow their own trumpets, we would love their colleagues or employers to let us know…

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Sheffield tree campaigners fight back against accusations of poisoned tea


Police have begun investigations into the alleged poisoning of three Sheffield tree workers by tree campaigners Dr John Unwin and wife Sue, but couple claim that these are ‘ridiculous allegations’. The incident in question dates back to October when the couple were asked to make drinks for the three tree workers. Sue comments: “It’s the most ridiculous allegation I’ve heard in my life.” She said she had made cups of tea for Amey workers on “more than one” occasion as a “delay tactic”, “We’ve always been very friendly to everyone that arrives on the street and giving them a cup…

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Confor report states high-risk imports must end within five years


Imports of high-risk plants and firewood must be brought to an end within five years, to safeguard the health of UK forests, according to a new report by industry body Confor. The UK’s elm, larch and ash trees have all been devastated by imported pests and diseases, and there are many more which threaten both timber businesses and native wildlife. Confor’s new report, available here, outlines the problems and identifies how to resolve them. One of the threats is imported plants in soil-filled pots, widely used by gardeners and landscapers. These enter the country with few checks or regulations and…

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Protected trees in Pembrokeshire illegally felled


Investigations have begun after dozens of protected trees in Freshwater East were illegally felled. An authority spokeswoman of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park said it was the worst breach she had ever encountered, stating that species of ash, sycamore and hawthorn were found abandoned in Freshwater East local nature reserve. Jane Gibson, park authority director of park direction and planning, said: “We take this type of breach very seriously and local police have already made door to door enquiries. “Not only has someone felled trees that were protected, they have carried out these unauthorised works on land that didn’t belong to…

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Police investigate violent clashes and the cause of ill workers


Council contractor Amey have temporarily ceased work in Sheffield to re-evaluate the safety of its stewards amid claims of violent clashes. Police have begun investigations after both campaigners and worked claimed they had been assaulted. Amey have previously stated that they would physically remove anyone who entered the safety zones set up around the trees that are being felled. Tree-felling has been paused in the wake of violent clashes between workers and protesters in Sheffield. Council contractor Amey said work at Meersbrook Park Road would be paused for a “few days” to re-evaluate the safety of its stewards. Police are…

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Chris Packham joins campaign to save East Cowes umbrella tree


The TV wildlife presenter Chris Packham, best known for his CBBC children’s nature series The Really Wild Show, has joined the campaign to stop the felling of the umbrella tree on the Isle of Wight. Planted in East Cowes over 100 years ago, the umbrella tree is set to be cut down due to fungus. Packham said the tree could be saved and urged the council to “listen to your community and fix it rather than fell it”. Residents campaigning to save the tree have tied dozens of ribbons around it. Packham said in a tweet: “Trees aren’t for councils, they’re…

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Rare butterfly breed could be saved by New Horizon elm tree


White-letter Hairstreak butterflies are under serious threat. This is directly linked with the substantial decline in the number of elm trees over the past 40 years. However, one of the UK’s leading tree specialists and growers, Hillier, has a solution that could save this rare butterfly from extinction. Taking its name from the letter “W” that is created by the white zig-zagged lines found on its hindwing, the White-letter Hairstreak butterfly is a vital contributor to the wider environment as a natural pollinator and has become a priority species for conservation bodies such as Butterfly Conservation. It was this organisation…

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