August 20, 2018

Makita UK teams up with BALI again for SALTEX 2018


Makita UK will be returning to the BALI Zone at Saltex this year which takes place at the NEC in Birmingham, 31 October – 1 November 2018.  Makita will be on stand K190d, Hall 6. The BALI Zone features and promotes leading BALI registered affiliate and contractor members.  Also confirmed for this year are Boningale Nurseries, Green-tech, British Sugar TOPSOIL, EverEdge and YMCA Training. The Makita UK stand will showcase the ever-growing garden machinery range suitable for professional landscaping contractors, groundsmen and forestry workers. “We are really looking forward to returning to the BALI Zone at this year’s Saltex and…

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Another record breaking year in Green-tech’s 24 year history


Leading landscape supplier Green-tech is celebrating a bumper year since its formation in 1994. Green-tech has enjoyed 12 consecutive record-breaking months; a first for the company. February was the ultimate high when they achieved an unprecedented £1.6 million of sales. The company is expecting to end their financial year with an annual turnover of £14.5 million, up 14.5% on last year. Green-tech’s head count has continued to rise as predicted and they have plans to expand to 90 staff by the end of the year. The sales team is their largest team with further growth scheduled. Green-tech successfully took on…

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Greenworks Commercial unveil new battery powered chainsaw


Provider of battery operated-outdoor power equipment, Greenworks Commercial, has announced that it has expanded its award-winning professional duty line with the new GS 110 10” Brushless Top Handle Saw. With its user-friendly push-button start technology, the GS 110 offers all the versatility and reliability needed to perform. Precision limbing and one-hand cutting tasks are made simple with the GS 110’s compact design and the convenience of lithium-ion battery power technology. “Professional arborists who use gas-powered chainsaws have for years complained about the lost productivity from having to get out of the tree and down on the ground to restart their…

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Ash dieback detected on new species of tree


The Forestry Commission is urging industry to be vigilant for signs of ash dieback on new tree and shrub species and report suspected sightings through its Tree Alert reporting system. The call comes after three new tree and shrub species in the same family as ash (Oleaceae) tested positive for ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) infection at the Westonbirt Arboretum, Gloucestershire. The findings are unlikely to have a significant impact on the environment as the newly infected species are ornamental and are not widespread or native to the UK. The infection was identified by staff at the arboretum on mock privet,…

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Nitrogen pollution is choking forests’ carbon-protecting fungi

nitrogen pollution

Under the forest floor lies a complex, hidden world of fungi. These tiny creatures form intimate connections with tree roots, sharing resources with each other and influencing the soil around them, but they are under attack from a surplus of nitrogen pollution. Some of these are arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, which dig deep into the root tissues. The other kind are ectomycorrhizal fungi, which grow outside, around the root filaments, producing many of the mushrooms that we see on the forest floor. Ectomycorrhizal fungi also act as carbon guardians: they help slow down decomposition, and increase the amount of carbon dioxide locked…

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Pakistan to plant 10 billion trees to combat climate change


The new government in Pakistan will plant 10 billion trees over five years to combat climate change, it has said. It is an expansion of the existing “billion tree tsunami” project by new prime minister Imran Khan to restore 350,000 hectares of forest in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, according to Climate Home News. As well as releasing oxygen, the trees are expected to help prevent flooding from glaciers in the north of the country. Malik Amin Aslam, of the cricket star’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, told Climate Home News: “Pakistan is facing the brunt of climate change, so I think climate preparation, making sure our development…

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Genetically engineered trees curtail spread beyond plantations

genetically engineered

Trees can be genetically engineered to prevent new seedlings from establishing beyond the boundaries of plantations, suggests a study. The findings are important because of societal concerns over gene flow — the spread of genetically engineered or exotic and invasive trees or their reproductive cells beyond the boundaries of plantations. “People have this fear that GMO (genetically modified) trees will take over the world, but these are containment genes that make taking over the world essentially impossible,” said Steve Strauss, professor at the Oregon State University (OUS). For the study published in the journal Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, the team…

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Flat developer plans to prune protected trees


Residents in a Derby cul-de-sac are objecting to plans by a developer who wants to carry out work on trees covered by a preservation order claiming that the apartment block should never have been given the go-ahead initially – almost 13 years ago. People in Lonsdale Place say they are fed-up with the length of time the development has taken to get off the ground, they are concerned for the trees and also are complaining that the road has frequently been covered in mud in the past. But Ram Narroya, managing director of Brookwell Developments Ltd, based in Friar Gate,…

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Tree surgeons hit with £20k fine after felling ancient trees


Two tree surgeons were caught red-handed cutting protected trees in historic woodland. Mark Knight was hit with a fine of £20,000 after his employees were found cutting down the 11 protected trees. Knight’s company, Landmark Tree Surgeons, was paid by landowner Geoffrey Try to fell the trees, but ended up being fined by the council and taken to court. All three admitted to cutting down protected trees contrary to Tree Preservation Regulations and were ordered to repay all the council’s legal fees alongside her own fines. Cllr Phill Bicknell, cabinet member for highways, transport and Windsor, said: “This is an excellent example…

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Trees are saving the life of Glasgow


A new body of research shows just how valuable greenery in Glasgow is to the wellbeing of its citizens, as well as the general aesthetic appeal of a city historically known as ‘Dear Green Place’, and for good reason. With over 90 parks and public gardens ranging from the iconic Kelvingrove Park to a range of lesser known gems, its an urban reality vastly different from the stereotypical imagery of a permanently grey, unending concrete jungle. But it’s how the city’s plants and trees contribute to boosting public health that could prove of more lasting importance. The new work has…

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