April 19, 2018

First saplings to be planted for the ‘Northern Forest’ along M63


The first of the Northern Forest’s 50 million trees will be planted later today. This stretch of trees will be running the length of the M63, a part of the 120 mile plan across northern England. Planting will take place on the Smithills Estate in Bolton later.   Article source

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Trees to remain around pipeline which broke in cyclone

Three weeks after a tree smashed through a pipe and cut off water to thousands, no trees have been removed from around New Plymouth’s pipelines. The damage happened when ex-Cyclone Gita hit the province in mid-February and sent New Plymouth into a state of emergency with water, power and cellphone outages and a boil water notice issued for the entire district for more than a week. This weekend, Cyclone Hola is expected to arrive on New Zealand’s shores. New Plymouth District Council (NPDC) spokesperson Jacqueline Baker said in an emailed statement that since the cyclone no trees had been removed from near water pipes. “Using a specialist and…

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Sheffield trees: Protest policing defended after ‘escalation’


South Yorkshire Police has defended its handling of tree protests in Sheffield after an ex-council leader raised concerns about its approach. Liberal Democrat peer Lord Scriven wrote to the chief constable querying the force’s neutrality after a large police presence on Abbeydale Park Rise. He asked if the removal of “one tree” on Monday required the attendance of 33 officers and 20 security staff. South Yorkshire Police said its approach was “fair and even-handed”. More on this story and others in South Yorkshire In the letter to chief constable Stephen Watson, sent on Tuesday, Lord Scriven described a “very worrying…

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Women in Arboriculture Working group launched


In celebration of International Women’s Day 2018 the Aboricultural Association is pleased to announce the formation of a new ‘Women in Arboriculture Working Group’, which will look at the best ways to encourage more women to get into arboriculture and address the gender imbalance that exists within the industry. The purpose of the new Women’s working group will be to promote and engage women in Arboriculture at all levels, from contractors to consultants, academics, suppliers, Tree Officers and support staff alike. Gender equality is a major issue around the globe and whether it’s at the BBC or within Arboriculture there…

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‘I Dig Trees’ volunteers plant trees in Cornwall


The ‘I Dig Trees’ initiative, a part of the TCV (The Conservation Volunteers) and OVO Energy, allocated 250,000 trees to community groups across the country last year. Volunteers gathered to prepare the area in the Golberdon recreational field in South Hill, Cornwall. South Hill Association for Renewable Energy (SHARE) was allocated free saplings of rowan, bird cherry, hazel, pussy willow and crab apple to plant in our community. Callington Colts joined in before their match against Plymouth Trophyman. Volunteers went on to plant a number of trees alongside lanes and footpaths in the parish where they will enhance the environment…

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Air Ambulance Service and National Forest join together to create memorial woodland


Rugby-based charity Air Ambulance Service and The National Forest are joining forces to create a memorial woodland. Supporters of the charity will now be able to plant a tree in memory of their loved ones, which will help in keeping the air ambulance flying. Charles Robinson, head of forestry at The National Forest, said: “We are really pleased to be working with the Air Ambulance Service to create a special place for commemoration and celebration in the heart of the National Forest. “This new woodland makes an important contribution to our tree planting targets and will be part of a…

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Environmental organisation raise concerns over tree felling in Northumberland


Environmental organisation Alnwick Area Friends of the Earth has raised concerned after some of the 50 trees in Greenwell Lane car park in Northumberland were felled. Councillors have expressed their dismay that the work has been carried out without members being notified, demanding to know more information and whether further work was planned. A spokesman for Alnwick Area Friends of the Earth said: “We are very concerned about the recent felling of more than 50 mature trees, which were of visual and environmental benefit. “The group is worried that there has been no apparent mention of replacements for these trees within…

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Wood beetles facing extinction due to loss of ancient trees


According to a report by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), nearly a fifth of Europe’s wood beetle species are facing extinction. Eighteen of the 700 beetle species surveyed were found to be at risk, though the percentage is likely to be higher due to a lack of data classifying a quarter of the beetles examined. The report, which maintains the Red List of endangered animals and plants worldwide, said that the decline has been caused by a lack of ancient trees. This decline is likely to continue if old-growth trees and not allowed to decline naturally. Many…

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Keith Sacre visits Maryland tree nurseries as prelude to symposium presentation


Immediately prior to making a well-received presentation at the “Chesapeake Green 2018” annual horticultural symposium in Maryland, USA, in late February 2018, Barcham Trees’ Keith Sacre visited two nurseries in the state which specialise in growing B&B (balled and burlapped/field-grow) trees. Steve Black of Raemelton Farm, Adamstown, explained to him how in 2016 he introduced to the market USDA-certified organic landscape-ready trees – a first for the industry in the USA. “Consumers are increasingly interested in how things they buy are produced. We have been using many of the practices required for organic production for years, such as using cover…

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Fine of almost £12,000 issued for felling tree in Farnborough conservation area


Two men, a landowner and the company he employed, have been fined nearly £12,000 for chopping down a tree in Farnborough conservation area without permission. Andrew Hendersson, a developer from Bristlecone Gardens Ltd, and the company’s director, David Pink, have come under investigation after a concerned neighbour reported the removal of the tree, but Mr Henderson claimed he was unaware the tree was in a conservation area. Mr Pink claims that Mr Henderson has advised him that the tree was not subject to a preservation order, and was not within a conservation area. But the court heard that a planning…

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