January 19, 2018

Harworth supports City of Trees by planting nearly 40,000 saplings


Harworth Group plc is supporting the environmental charity City of Trees with nearly 40,000 saplings being planted across Wigan and Bolton. Harworth group plc are one of the UK’s leading land and property regeneration companies and for the past two years they have been working with the City of Trees movement supporting the planting of nearly 40,000 new trees. The Rotherham–based company recently donated over 25 hours of staff time with a number of team members coming along to a volunteering day at Bickershaw in Wigan on Thursday 7 December. The former colliery has a fascinating history of toil and…

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Leeds could be planting thousands of trees to prevent future flooding


Plans could be underway along the banks of the River Aire in Leeds to prevent future flooding as a part of the next phase of Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme. The proposal will be put to the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for government approval. This second phase will focus on upstream areas, including the Kirkstall corridor and the South Bank. Plans are based around natural flood management techniques, which would see the tree canopy in the river’s catchment double what it currently is, with water storage areas created to be operated by controlled gates. The gates would release…

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‘YACWAG’ stages 10th annual tree dressing day


Members of a North Somerset wildlife group YACWAG (Yatton and Congresbury Wildlife Action Group) staged their 10th annual tree dressing day over the weekend in a bid to draw attention to the importance of trees to communities. YACWAG members attached messages to 54 trees stating the vital role trees play for both people and wildlife. Spokesman Faith Moulin said: “We hope people enjoy finding the trees we have labelled and, at this time when there is so much emphasis on cutting down trees, consider the ones quietly growing in our midst which are reducing pollution, reducing flood risk and producing oxygen…

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200-year-old sycamore named Scotland’s Tree of the Year


Nicknamed the “Big Tree” by local residents in Kirkwall, a 200,year-old sycamore has won the title of Scotland’s Tree of the Year. Run by the Woodland Trust, the competition is a celebration of the country’s best loved trees. The title was announced after nominations made by the public. The tree is a well-known and much-loved landmark in Kirkwall. It’s history dates back to a boom in Ash trade throughout Orkney during the Napoleonic war, where Orcadians became very wealthy and built grand houses in Kirkwall. In the 1870s, a new owner of one of these houses felled two of the…

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Save Greenhead Trees Action Group suggests flexible paving could save trees in Gledholt


After a long disputed argument over tree felling near Huddersfield’s Greenhead Park, Gledholt, a plan has been suggested to introduce the flexible paving, Flexi-Pave. Members of the Save Greenhead Trees Action Group are calling on Kirklees Council to delay the felling eight trees on Gledholt Road and Gledholt Bank until a Halifax company making flexible paving has had chance to view the site and make recommendations. Kirklees council has stated that the trees must be felled due to a potential danger, making the footpaths unsafe for pedestrians. The plans would replace these trees with more suitable species that would not…

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Rare and unusual trees planted in Headington Park, Oxford


Continuing Headington Park’s long history of hosting endangered species of trees, the Lord Mayor of Oxford, Jean Fooks has planted a new monkey puzzle tree. It is the first tree of many to be planted in the coming years within the arboretum, in a new project that is run by Friends of Headington Hill Park to replace old and felled trees. James Morrell Snr purchased the grazing land on Headington Hill back in 1817, and built a house on the site in 1824. The arboretum was added by his son James Morrell Junior between 1856 and 1858 when he also built…

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Forestry Skills Study shows significant shortages in key professional and technical skills


The numbers of people working in forestry in England and Wales are growing as the sector benefits from an upturn in demand for forest products. Employers are more confident about the availability and suitability of staff than they were previously, but there are significant shortfalls in some key professional and technical skills, says a recently commissioned report. Employers are particularly concerned about: The availability and skills of machine operators. Employers need operators who are more technically competent and able to work in more demanding situations The availability of chain saw operators, especially those able to fell larger hardwoods The supply…

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Vertical Forest designers launch video appeal for urban forests


In preparation of the first World Forum on Urban Forests promoted by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), which was held from 28 November 2018 to 1 December 2018 in Mantova, Italy, designers of the first Vertical Forest launched a video appeal to architects, urban planners, botanists, agronomists, forestry corps, tree growers, geographers, ethologists, landscape scientists, technicians, researchers and experts in green care and urban forestry, real estate developers, administrators and representative of local institutions and civil society, members and representatives   of international organisations, funding agencies, universities and research institutes, and NGOs. The video states that: By 2030, 60% of the global…

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Europe Economics reports UK woodland worth £270bn to economy


A recent report by Eirioe Economics for the Woodland Trust states that British woodlands are work £270 billion to the UK economy. Benefits like flood reduction, public health and decreasing air pollution are brought out by the woodlands, with the value of flood management from woodland in the upper Thames alone being work between £350 and £500 per hectre annually. Economic benefits brought about by woodland include flood reduction, public health benefits and decreasing air pollution. It also estimates the value of trees in improving air quality could be as much as £240 per hectare a year in related health…

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Conservationists battle to save trees rarer than the Giant Panda


At present they only know of one Ship Rock Whitebeam in the world which can be found near the Symonds Yat beauty spot in the Forest of Dean. Conservationists have been scaling cliffs and trees to try and create the perfect habitat for the endangered tree and five other rare species. There are six rare species of whitebeam that can’t be found anywhere else in the world but the high cliffs around the Wye Valley which divides the Forest of Dean from Wales. In total there are only around 300 of the rare trees in the Wye Valley which is…

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