July 18, 2018

The Great British Forestry Question


In 2012 the Forestry Commission shelved plans to sell the forests and woodlands that form the public forested estate in England. The proposal clearly touched a nerve and exposed the British love affair with trees. It also exposed the level to which forestry in Britain, and the commercial forestry sector in particular, is so widely misunderstood. The perceived threat of reduced public access to forests was one of the main concerns raised by those opposed to the sale. However, 82% of forests in England are privately owned. Across the UK, the public has unfettered access to a larger area of privately…

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Family of 89-year-old widow express anger at ‘unbearable’ tree problem


THE family of an 89-year-old widow locked in a battle with the council over the removal of a tree threatening to destroy her home have said the problem is now ‘unbearable’. A 35ft-tall tree has uprooted the life of Hilda Wheaton, of The Normans, Wexham – with the maple causing cracks in her driveway and in the wall of her home. Her family fear its roots may now be growing under the house and have spoken out of their mother’s anguish. Joan Crick, Mrs Wheaton’s daughter, said: “It has been a problem for nine years and has become unbearable for…

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New road towable hydraulic chippers from Timberwolf


This powerful compact machine will outperform the rest of its class and hold its value for years to come. The Timberwolf TW 240TDHB(t) is the latest innovative, feature rich next generation wood chipper from the market leading wood chipper and shredder experts. The 270 degree turntable with multiple locking positions enables safe and convenient loading when working on the roadside or in restricted areas. The operator can turn the mounted section easily using the release catch at the infeed, changing the operating position, rather than manually moving vehicles and machinery saving time and reducing hassle. The 270 degree discharge chute…

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How tree investment schemes aren’t always what they seem


If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Many people seem to forget this maxim when investing. In recent years, there has been a spate of unregulated ‘green’ investment schemes. These ‘guarantee’ returns of 13% per annum or more, and claim to save the planet, but how true is this? Most tree investment schemes involve investing in newly-planted trees in the tropics. In return for handing over a large sum of money, you get the right to sell the thinnings and mature timber, with maintenance costs being deducted from your investment. But ask yourself a few questions: what…

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Delight after inspector dismisses road building plan


Residents are celebrating after an inspector overturned an appeal by an independent school to put a new access road through a row of mature trees. Neighbours of Hymers College in Hull campaigned against the plans which would have seen a huge horse chestnut, believed to predate the school, felled and as many as a dozen others come down. The college appealed after Hull councillors went against planning officers’ recommendations and rejected the plans. But now inspector William Fieldhouse has ruled that the “public benefits do not outweigh the harm that would be caused to the heritage assets.” The school, established…

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Changes in soil management in relation to the new British Standard 8545

Arb Show

Arboricultural Association – Thames & Chiltern Branch, presented by Dr Glynn Percival of Bartlett Tree Research Laboratory. It has been widely recognised that a significant proportion of new tree planting fails to survive to maturity. The Trees in Towns II report highlighted that as much as 20% of all planting undertaken in the public sector actually fails. Although there has not been any comparable survey undertaken in the private sector, anecdotal evidence indicates that the failure rates are similar. The new British Standard 8545 Trees: from nursery to independence in the landscape – provides recommendations for transplanting young trees successfully…

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10 remarkable trees in Manchester city centre


Stop and take a look around. There’s more to Manchester city centre than just buildings. When you look around Manchester city centre what do you see? Shops, busy streets, Big issue sellers and a Starbucks every 100 yards. And how could we forget those ‘living statues’ painted head to toe in white, throwing lollies at passersby? As Dig the City prepares to turn our city streets green this August with the free festival of show gardens, celebrity gardener talks, flower markets and family things to do, we’ve teamed up with arboriculture, landscape and ecology experts Urban Green to take an alternative look…

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Quadron Services and volunteers restore community orchard


Grounds maintenance company, Quadron Services was delighted to work in partnership with Charnwood Borough Council, Loughborough in Bloom, Transition Loughborough, local residents and volunteers to plant eight new apple trees for the Community Orchard at Gorse Covert Hill, Loughborough. Quadron’s Horticultural Development Manager, Nicola Clarke, was pleased to be able to donate the maiden apple trees on behalf of Bernard Sheridan, Quadron’s new Contract Manager for Charnwood Borough Council’s recently outsourced Open Spaces Contract.  The apple trees, which included popular varieties such as Cox’s Orange Pippin, James Grieve and Egremont Russet, were to replace young trees that had been vandalised…

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Yosemite National Park celebrates its 150th birthday


Yosemite National Park on Monday marked 150 years since President Abraham Lincoln signed an act protecting the park for generations of visitors. The celebration included a groundbreaking to launch a project restoring the Mariposa Grove, which consists of 500 mature giant sequoia trees that are among the oldest living organisms in the world. National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis said the anniversary should be a reminder of the ancient treasures within the park. ‘We stand in awe among these giant trees that are thousands of years old and are reminded about the importance of protecting our natural resources so that…

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A New Documentary Shows the Making of the 9/11 Memorial’s Urban Forest


Before the dust could settle at the site of the 9/11 tragedy, people were already making plans for what should or shouldn’t happen there. In a space so heavy with devastation, terror, loss, and sadness, it’s difficult to move forward both in terms of the mental well-being of an entire country in mourning as well as the design of a new place of remembrance. But, somehow, we have. The 9/11 Memorial and Museum are now both officially functioning tribute zones — and, whether you like the design or not, they have physical and emotional staying power. Still, a lot of…

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