April 19, 2018

Pests & Diseases: Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner – Bartlett Tree Experts

Horse Chestnut

Dr Glynn Percival and Emma Schaffert of Bartlett Tree Experts give a rundown on HCLM and how to manage it Since its introduction to Britain in the 1600s, the common white flowering horse chestnut tree (Aesculus hippocastanum) has become one of the commonest ornamental trees in towns, cities, parks and woodlands. Over the past decade this species has been attacked by the leaf mining insect Cameraria ohridella. The horse chestnut leaf miner is a moth about 5mm long first seen in the UK in Wimbledon in 2002. Since then it has spread at a rate of 40 to 60km per year. It is the larvae that are most problematic for the horse chestnut foliage, however….

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The trees they are a changin’- Rick Milsom

Rick Milsom

As an arboricultural officer for Southend-on-Sea, Rick Milsom gets to see changing tastes in trees and shrubs first hand At the time of writing it looks like spring has sprung down in Essex. The sun is out, the magnolias are blooming and the Prunus cerasifera and its cultivars ‘Pissardii’ and ‘Nigra’ are almost done flowering. I must admit I am not a great lover of these purple leaved cultivars. It can be a bit of a problem replacing one tree in a line of these, as whatever you plant looks a bit odd unless it’s another of the same. Many other Prunus now take over flowering and I for one welcome their flowers in the spring. I still…

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How to get more pulling power


In part two in this series, Dave Vickers of Drivelink Training explains how moving pulleys can be used to create mechanical advantage and increase your pulling power Using ropes and pulleys is a fairly common occurrence in the arboriculture and forestry industry, whether for rigging situations, vehicle debogging or assisting with a fell. Despite this, there appears to be some mystique regarding setting up and using ropes and pulleys to create mechanical advantage and last month we saw that a fixed pulley only provides a means of pulling a load ergonomically, rather than providing additional ‘assistance’. If we are to create mechanical advantage, we must have a moving pulley. The simplest example is where we double up…

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Apprenticeships, in association with Green-tech – Ringrose Tree Services


Pro Arb is keen to highlight the great youngsters that are currently plying their trade in our industry. This month, we speak to three apprentice arborists at AA approved Ringrose Tree Services in Oxfordshire Why have you chosen arboriculture as a career? Jamie Chaundy: I’ve always been keen on a physical job, working indoors never interested me. Working in arboriculture also has many different challenges on a daily basis, so I don’t get bored! Mitchell Good: I was born into it and I really enjoy it! Lewis Gardiner: I like working outside. It’s hard work but it’s enjoyable – I feel a great deal of job satisfaction at the end of…

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The Ancient Tree Column – Major Oak

Major Oak

Each month we feature an ancient British tree.  This month the Ancient Tree Forum introduces us to the Major Oak Perhaps the most famous tree in the UK, the Major Oak has inspired countless tales and probably an even greater number of children to dress up as Robin Hood. The tree is one of around 1,000 ancient oaks found in Nottinghamshire County Council’s Sherwood Forest Country Park near the village of Edwinstowe. The pedunculate oak is estimated to be anything between 800 and 1,00 0 years old and has a trunk circumference of 10 metres. The tree’s most famous association is with Robin Hood. Folklore suggests his band of merr…

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Focus On Chainsaws


Dave Murison says when it comes to chainsaws, the leading manufacturers are the ones to turn to. Here he picks his all-time favourites Saw subject When buying a chainsaw there are so many manufacturers to choose from it’s hard to know where to start. There are a number of factors to consider including usage, build quality and budget, the last of which is a priority for many people nowadays. The beauty of shopping online is that it gives you the chance to compare prices and opinions before you buy. A few of the big names you will come across are Husqvarna, Stihl, Echo and McCulloch. Some tools offer high power but don’t give you the confidence…

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An interview with Andy Toms & Darren Kilby, Gristwood & Toms Ltd


Andy Toms and Darren Kilby of Gristwood and Toms, the UK’s largest arb company, told Pro Arb about the growth, structure, procedures and future of the company What are your roles in the company? Andy Toms: I’m the managing director and my responsibility is ensuring we win enough work to keep everybody going and employing staff who are capable of helping me build the best arboricultural company in the country. Darren Kilby: I’m the head of sales and marketing, which is a relatively new role for the company. I manage all the bids and tenders and make sure the company has opportunities in the pipeline. The other side of the role…

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Valuation of amenity trees – Jon Heuch

Jon Heuch

In the second of a two-part series, arboricultural consultant Jon Heuch considers the past and the future of the monetary valuation of trees In 2015 house prices and land values are ten times what they were in 1980, far outstripping the retail price index. So by 2006, the estimates produced by the Helliwell system appeared to be increasingly small and irrelevant. This led to new considerations of how best to estimate the value of amenity trees. Chris Neilan and others developed Capital Asset Value for Amenity Trees (CAVAT); others looked to the USA to see what the Council for Tree and Landscape Appraisers (CTLA) and i-Tree had on offer. This divergence of opinion has led to a confusing situation…

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Client ready product – Jonathan Hazell

Jonathan Hazell

Impressing clients is about how you present yourself and your work, explain. Jonathan Hazell. Here he outlines the steps you need to take to be client ready In the February issue of Pro Arb I wrote about the three key steps to successful project management: define, design, deliver. Another of my mantras is also a three-word phrase – client ready product. This summarises a broad concept and is not restricted to a package of information to be transferred in return for a payment of some sort. So how does it apply in the real world? 1)For service delivery teams it’s about: ● Being fully compliant with all the applicable environmental, health and safety, planning and…

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Using mechanical advantage… to our advantage – David Vickers


“Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth.” Dave Vickers of Drivelink Training explains how Archimedes’ boast is relevant to arborists Using ropes and pulleys is common in the arboriculture and forestry industry, whether for rigging, vehicle debogging or assisting with a fell. There appears to be some mystique about using ropes and pulleys to create mechanical advantage and during rigging refresher courses I often find that people hadn’t realised they could set-up a system that would allow them to lift branches despite using a portawrap/flying capstan device; or that they could use a similar set-up when felling to gain greater control over the tree being felled. In this short…

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