December 12, 2018



Pro Arb advises on targeting your branding at the audience you want to do business with. Company branding is a touchy subject. This is because a lot of people have a different understanding of what branding is and what it means. There tends to be a lot of focus on the company logo, but branding should be a lot deeper than that. Your company branding is one of your greatest assets. It’s not just about your logo, slogan and design scheme, it’s also about your clients total experience of your business. Your brand is: Your customer promise Your business values…

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Boxwood Issues


There are a number of reasons for boxwood to decline. Dr Glynn Percival and Emma Schaffert of the Bartlett Tree Expert Company examine symptoms and treatments. Box blight One of the most common problems is Box Blight, caused by two fungi; Cylindrocladium buxicola and Pseudonectria buxi. When boxwood plants suffer from this disease, the symptoms tend to manifest as prolific leaf browning and crown dieback, with powdery spores visible on leaves later on in the season. With C. buxicola, young stems often also exhibit black stains. The disease thrives in warm, humid conditions, so maximizing air circulation is essential. Thinning…

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Small Business Guide to VAT


Business owners often struggle to make their way through the labyrinth that is the UK VAT rules. David Marples, Federation of Small Businesses, highlights the key issues and de-mystifies small business’ relationship with VAT.   Registration for VAT It should be noted that it is the person, not the business that is required to register for VAT. In this context “person” means legal entity; i.e. normally a sole proprietor, partnership, LLP or limited company. A single legal entity can have more than one business, but only one VAT registration that will cover all those businesses. Whether or not you become…

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Report Writing: The Conclusion


In the final part of his three part series Jonathan Hazell looks at writing your report’s conclusion and offers some advice on presentation. In the beginning you will have reported the facts about the tree population that you have captured, in the light of the brief and scope that you have agreed with your client.   You may have used photos to help illustrate more exactly what you mean.   There’s no point in gathering more data than you need, but remember the golden thread – if you refer to something at the end of your report then it must first make…

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An Interview with Jamie Myers, Myers Tree Services


Pro Arb were recently given the opportunity to interview Jamie Myers, who has been in the arb industry for 28 years, and after having the passion passed on to him by his mentor, has gone from strength to strength in business. Pro Arb spoke to Jamie about continual training, the history of the Arboricultural Association and his love for martial arts. What’s your role within the company, when did you get into arboriculture and when did you set your company up? My role as the managing director involves winning new business, ensuring continued servicing to our existing clients, staff training…

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Tax Advice for Small businesses


One of the biggest challenges faced by those setting up a new business is negotiating and understanding the complex UK tax system. David Marples, Federation of Small Businesses sets out the four main taxes that you need to be aware of.   Income – Sole Traders & Partnerships As a sole trader, you can keep all your business’ profits after you’ve paid tax on them. If this is your only income, you’ll begin to pay income tax on your business’ profit once it goes over the personal tax allowance, which is £10,600 for the 2015/16 year if you’re under 75…

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A Question of Safety


Katie Hateley, paramedic and director of first aid training company FoxMedics asks some challenging questions regarding your personal safety. How many of you Arborists HONESTLY climb with your First Aid bag? Do they snag on branches? Do they get soaked through during a rainy day until the bandages fall apart? From my minimal climbing experience I can see how climbing with a First Aid bag could be cumbersome. As mentioned in my first article if you had the misfortune of cutting through one of your major arteries the potential of becoming unconscious in less than one minute is quite high. So…

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Tree Smart Arb


The combination of traditional arborist skills with the latest in smart digital technology looks to be a trend set to continue in 2016. Conservation Contractors had secured a large tree maintenance contract with a private healthcare provider. Following initial trials with Tree SMART Arb, on implementing and demonstrating to the customer the results of their initial tree surveys, Conservation Contractors were awarded more sites to survey and manage. Company owner, William Warden, explains “We work for a number of organisations who have large tree stocks across a range of locations. We wanted a system that has the ability to survey…

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Report Writing: The Middle


As with a good meal, it is the main course that counts for the most. Jonathan Hazell explains how to make sure all the correct ingredients are in place with your writing.  Last time I set the scene and made reference to the police caution as a useful piece of advice when writing your report, let me introduce two more pieces of advice.   First “the logic test” – if you assert that A is true, then can B really be true as well, let alone C?  Second Mark Twain’s quote “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let…

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Top Ten Tips: Choosing Your Ropes


Your choice of climbing rope is fundamental to keeping you safe. Take it seriously, says Milly Stone of Marlow Ropes.   Always buy a rope designed for climbing from a reputable manufacturer.  What climbing are you going to be doing? Are you going to be double rope or SRT climbing? Many ropes can be used for both but generally the larger diameter ropes are better suited to DRT while the lighter ropes are ideal for SRT. What diameter do you need? Will you be hand gripping the rope or using an ascender?  The bigger ropes are heavier but are easier…

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