August 16, 2018

Royal Forestry Society welcomes new government strategy


The Royal Forestry Society (RFS) welcomes the Government’s Tree Health Resilience Strategy published 29 May 2018 outlining a National Action Plan to build the resilience of our trees, woods and forests to pests and diseases. As a member of the Tree Health Group, the RFS was among organisations consulted by Defra in forming the strategy which feeds into the Government’s 25-year plan to improve the environment. The strategy emphasises a collaborative approach to improve the baseline diversity, health and condition of our trees, woods and forests and includes strengthening plant biosecurity through a new Plant Health Alliance. A consultation will…

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Oldest Euronpean tree found to be having growth spurt


A Heldreich’s pine discovered in southern Italy has been thriving in a remote part of a national park for 1,230 years. A craggy pine tree growing in southern Italy is 1,230 years old, making it the oldest tree in Europe that has been scientifically dated. Moreover, the ancient pine seems to be living it up in its old age, researchers reported last week in the journal Ecology. Examinations show that the tree had a growth spurt in recent decades, where larger rings were added to its trunk even though many trees in the Mediterranean region have been experiencing a decline in growth. The…

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New quarantine proposals to protect England’s trees


Environment Secretary launches first Tree Health Resilience Strategy to protect England’s trees from pests and diseases for generations to come. Proposals to consult industry on new quarantine arrangements for high-risk plants are among the measures set out Friday 25 May in the Government’s plan to protect the UK’s precious trees. Currently quarantine is used by some horticulture businesses as part of strong biosecurity measures against high-risk species. We want to explore how this targeted approach can be broadened out so we have better protection against harmful pests and diseases right across the industry. Once we leave the EU we will have the…

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NRMM emissions explained


Paul George takes a closer look at the EU’s new NRMM emissions regulation, explaining what it aims to do and how it will affect NRMM users In its bid to improve air quality on the continent, the EU has amended its previous regulations for non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) emissions – this time, covering a broader range of NRMM, with more stringent limits. According to the EU, NRMM accounts for 15% of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and 5% of all particulate matter (PM) emissions. These are predicted to increase over time, confirming the need to review current legislation. Now known as ‘the…

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New Sheffield cabinet member listens to views on street tree replacement


The new cabinet member responsible for the environment and street scene portfolio at Sheffield City Council is making the most of his first day in post by meeting with those involved in, and with views on, the Streets Ahead programme. Councillor Lewis Dagnall, whose position on the cabinet was officially confirmed on 16 May, met with and listened to all views on how the street tree replacement work, as part of the £2.2bn highways improvement programme, is having an impact on the residents of Sheffield. Part of his day involved meeting with front-line Amey workers at the Olive Grove depot,…

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The Action Oak Partnership launches at Chelsea Flower Show


A major new campaign to protect the UK’s mighty oak trees from threats including pests and diseases has been officially launched at the 2018 Chelsea Flower Show by Lord Gardiner, Defra’s Biosecurity Minister. The Action Oak Partnership – made up of charities, environmental organisations and landowners – is seeking to raise £15 million for research and monitoring to help safeguard the 121 million oaks in UK woodlands. Work will include capturing the first detailed picture of the current health of oaks trees, helping to gain a greater understanding of how to preserve their iconic position in our landscape for generations to come. The…

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N & J Tree Services chooses exceptional quality of Först


N & J Tree Services has expanded its fleet of Först woodchippers by purchasing two XR8’s, after recognising the high-quality standards offered by the manufacturers’ range of robust machinery. Recognised as a leading specialist arboricultural company, N & J Tree Services provides professional tree care services for motorways, councils and general arboriculture. The business, which now employs 30 staff, has grown year on year since being established in 2000 due to its role as an efficient solutions provider for a vast number of clients across the UK. Nigel Owen, Managing Director at N & J Tree Services, said: “We have…

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Putting a price on Greater Manchester’s trees and woods


Ambitious i-Tree Eco research project to be undertaken supporting the development of the Northern Forest. City of Trees is leading on the ‘All Our Trees’ initiative which will see a monetary value put on Greater Manchester’s trees and woods. Using the state of the art i-Tree Eco software system, developed by the US Forestry Service, surveyors are being recruited to assess thousands of random points across  Greater Manchester. They will be gathering information about the location of all trees in a randomly sampled plot of land as well as tree species, height, width and diameter of each tree. They will…

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High value trees in Hyde Park


New research and report by Treeconomics values the benefits of the trees in Hyde Park as having an amenity asset value of a staggering £173 million. London’s Hyde Park is known all over the world and attracts over 12.8million visitors each year. The magnificent London Plane trees present in the park are statuesque and symbolise the visual importance of the tree species to the capital. The aesthetic benefits of the these and all the other trees in the park are clear. What is not quite as obvious is the many, many other benefits the trees provide. A new report, commissioned…

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Stihl launches dedicated new dealer website


STIHL has launched a website dedicated to potential new dealers, highlighting the manufacturer’s commitment to its retail network and simplifying the application process for new partners. The new website has been specifically designed to showcase the benefits of becoming a STIHL dealer and offers insight into the tools dealers can access to enhance their business operations. These include: Dealership development Installation of a STIHL Shop System display, external brand signage and expert merchandising support.  This creates visual impact and helps maximise sales opportunities. Marketing Access to marketing tools, such as TV, press, radio, social media, digital campaigns, in-store POS, product…

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