April 18, 2018

Nature offers a great return on investment according to new report


A new report demonstrating that investment in nature offers excellent value for money has been published today by Natural England. The report, ‘Microeconomic Evidence for the Benefits of Investment in the Environment’ (MEBIE 2), assesses the evidence across a wide range of themes, including economic growth, health, social cohesion and resilience to climate change. Presented in an easily accessible format, the evidence meets national Government standards for decision making and will be of particular interest to anyone involved in land use planning or management. The growing evidence base demonstrates: The natural environment provides physical health benefits improving air quality, noise and…

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Glendale donates £1,000 to disaster charity


Glendale is backing a charity set up to help make trees safe in disasters zones across the world by donating £1,000 and a package of support. The green services company is sponsoring DART International UK, a humanitarian response team which relies on donations to carry out its work. This money will be spent on training, deployments and aid missions. Glendale is also providing a range of other services to the organisation, including IT and marketing support. The team was set up by highly skilled, arboriculture specialists, including Glendale arborist Gary Bailey, after he witnessed first hand the aftermath of typhoon…

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Woman killed by falling branch at Kew Gardens died accidentally, jury rules

Kew Gardens

A woman who was killed by falling branch at Kew Gardens during a third birthday party died accidentally, a jury has found. Erena Wilson, 31, suffered severe head injuries in the incident in west London, in September 2012, including bruising on her left side and scalp, and an extensive brain injury. In a statement read out on their behalf after the inquest at west London coroner’s court, her parents said the loss of their daughter had left them “shattered” and called for more research to be carried out into summer branch drop, the tree condition they claimed was to blame for their…

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3ATC reaches new heights at the ARB Show


A total of 58 climbers took part in the 2014 3ATC Open over the two days of the ARB Show. Nick Pott said, ‘Donations from competitors to Cancer Research raised£870, meaning the figure will be well over the £600 target. Thank you all and well done.’ And a massive thank you to all the helpers who make these events happen, especially the team of volunteer judges who gave up their time to set up and run the event. The winners in the three sections of the Open were: Final results table for 3ATC 2014: Premiere Climbers Position Name Time (mins/secs) 1st Graham…

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What Do I Plant Next? – A seminar with Peter Thurman and Barchams’ Keith Sacre

Keith Sacre

Local authority tree officers, landscape designers and other tree care professionals gathered recently at the Ely, Cambridgeshire, nursery of Barcham Trees for a seminar led by landscape designer and tree consultant Peter Thurman and Barcham’s Keith Sacre. Peter Thurman’s first presentation of the day was based on collaborative work with Tony Kirkham of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.  He began by asking the question “What do I plant next?” against the current background of pests and diseases which is making tree selection ever more difficult.  He highlighted the fact Kew Gardens was laid out from 1845 mainly in family order,…

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New biological pest control of insects that threaten tree health


Fera is part of a new project (BIPESCO), funded under the LWEC Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Initiative, which will develop entomopathic fungi (EPF) and botanicals to control insect pests that are a major problem in forestry and tree nurseries, and an emergent threat to trees and human health.  Botanicals (essential oils, extracts or plant derivatives) with attractant or repellent properties will be used alone or with EPF in novel pest control strategies. EPFs are considered natural mortality agents and environmentally safe, and there is worldwide interest in their use and manipulation for biological control of insects and other arthropod…

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Asian caterpillar threatens Britain’s box hedges

box hedges

Gardeners are being warned to look out for a new invasive pest which is threatening to lay waste to Britain’s box hedges – the favoured shrub of topiary artists – by stripping entire plants bare and reducing painstakingly-clipped creations to withered skeletons.Not since Alexander Pope ended the 18th-century craze for artfully-trimmed hedges by lampooning aristocrats for turning shrubs into “awkward figures of men” has British topiary faced such a grave threat. The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has recorded a rapid expansion of cases of Diaphania perspectalis, otherwise known as the box tree caterpillar, a species native to Asia which likes…

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Professional Tree Inspection Refresher – Arboricultural Association

Arb Show

Professional Tree Inspection – Refresher course Date:  24 June 2014 Venue: Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire  Course duration: 09.00-17.30 approximately Who is the course for? For anyone who has previously attended the Lantra Awards 3-day Professional Tree Inspection course Presented by Guy Watson This one-day update and refresher course is intended for those who have previously attended the well-respected 3-day Professional Tree Inspection course. Those arboriculturists who are working at the upper level of tree inspection as part of their services need to be aware of the latest thinking in a range of different aspects, from policy guidance to the latest legal cases and…

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Britain’s plants and trees under threat from rising temperatures


Dozens of plant and trees species are under threat as they fail to adapt to warming temperatures, a University of Cambridge study has found. Species including yew, hawthorn and stinging nettles are expected to decline in the UK, along with 38 other species. Environmentalists have argued that the findings demonstrate the need to analyse and monitor Britain’s ecology and encourage a greater responsibility for monitoring natural habitats. Data was collected from the Woodland Trust, which has records dating back more than 250 years. It examined how 293 species have responded to increases in temperature. The study found most plants had started…

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Businesses dismayed that Ribbleton Lane trees can’t be removed


A plea to lift protection on a row of trees lining a city street, to allow a better view of industrial units, has been thrown out by council bosses. Owners of a trading estate on Ribbleton Lane had objected to a tree preservation order, as they said the trees caused a visual obstruction to the commercial units. But Town Hall chiefs rejected the calls, saying it would be “absolutely criminal” to cut down the trees. Addressing the public meeting, Jayshree Astley, on behalf of Guild Trading Estate owners Threadneedle, said the site had “felt the brunt of the economic down turn”….

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