July 17, 2018

Carbohydrates help trees survive drought


Trees that have higher levels of starch and sugars can survive droughts better than species with lower levels, say scientists. The study, published today in Nature Communications, provides the first evidence that having increased amounts of soluble sugars and starch compounds, called non-structural carbohydrates (NSCs), means a plant is able to survive longer during a drought. The research was part of a wider project investigating the effectiveness of conservation efforts in Borneo rainforests and whether they will leave the forest more susceptible to climate change. ‘We wanted to know if species differ in their levels of NSCs, and if so, does…

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Calling all lovers of Hockeridge and Pancake Wood


A call has gone out for all those who enjoy Hockeridge and Pancake Wood near Ashley Green, Hertfordshire, to become more involved in its management. The owner, the Royal Forestry Society (RFS), has organised an open meeting at The Old School in Ashley Green for Thursday 24 July at 7.30pm. RFS Development Director Simon Lloyd explained: “The woods are managed sustainably for timber and wood products alongside public access and biodiversity, and are much loved and walked by local people. “As an education charity dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of the economic, environmental and social benefits of trees and…

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Falling tree critically injures forestry worker

falling tree

A forestry worker has been critically injured by a falling tree. The man, believed to be aged between 19 and 30, was working in woods at Catlowdy, north Cumbria, when he was hit. He was treated by air ambulance and North West Ambulance Service staff before being flown to Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary. He has life-threatening back injuries but was stable on arrival at hospital, an air ambulance spokesman said.  

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New study shows disastrous deforestation in Indonesia


Satellite images have found that ancient forests in Indonesia, a cradle of biodiversity and a buffer against climate change, have shrunk much faster than thought, scientists said on Sunday. Between 2000 and 2012, Indonesia lost around 6.02 million hectares (14.4 million acres or 23,250 square miles) of primary forest, an area almost the size of Sri Lanka, they reported. Primary or ancient forests are distinguished from managed forests, which are plantations of trees grown for timber and pulp. The researchers found that primary forest loss accelerated during the period under review, reaching an annual 840,000 hectares by 2012 — nearly twice…

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Scots furious over Paul McCartney’s Mull of Kintyre tree felling

Paul McCartney's

Residents living close to Sir Paul McCartney’s iconic Mull of Kintyre estate in Scotland have voiced opposition to plans to chop down and remove hundreds of trees from the grounds. The Beatles legend immortalised his former family home in his hit 1977 track of the same name with former band Wings, and he still owns the 600-acre High Park Farm. McCartney plans to fell trees around the house, and have the logs shipped off the estate, but the proposal has been met with resistance from locals, who claim hundreds of timber trucks driving down the rural roads will cause major…

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Historic Harleston tree planted by Queen Mother becomes hand sculpture


Tree sculptor Paul Kelly visited Harleston recreation ground to turn the London plane tree planted by the Queen Mother during a visit to the town on July 26, 1982 into a hand sculpture. A health and safety inspection on behalf of the town council revealed side shoots from the base of the tree were weak, while damage had also occurred during the winter storms at the end of last year. The consultant arborist conducting the assessment recommended removing the side shoots to try and strengthen the growth and make the tree safe or remove the tree altogether. However, the town…

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Forest vision will leave a lasting legacy


A media maverick who was the driving force behind plans to create a forest burial ground in Great Alne has died. Felix Dennis passed away on  last Sunday (June 22) surrounded by loved ones at his Dorsington home, just outside Stratford, at the age of 67, after a ‘long and painful’ battle with throat cancer. A statement released by his representatives on Monday read: “We are deeply saddened to announce that Felix Dennis passed away yesterday surrounded by his loved ones. “After a long and painful battle with cancer, Felix died peacefully at his home in Dorsington, aged 67. “Felix…

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Best in England!


Congratulations to all our Best of England Award and Sylva Cup award winners! We look forward to making the Awards for the forestry and woodlands categories at a ceremony on 9 July. Awards are being presented separately at the schools Full details of the Best of England award winners for Multipurpose woods, Silviculture, Community Woodlands, Small Woodlands, Schools and the Sylva Cup are on the winners and judges page on the RFS website. Details of England’s top Woodlands for Climate Change areavailable here. The judges’ reports will appear in full in the October issue of the Quarterly Journal of Forestry. Best of England…

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Cadets aim to raise £1 million for Centenary Woods Project

centenary woods

Thousands of young cadets are standing side by side across the UK as they salute the beginning of a £1 million First World War Centenary Woods fundraising challenge. Dozens of army and air cadets gathered among swathes of poppies and wildflowers at Heartwood Forest, near Sandridge in Hertfordshire, to show their backing for a unique project by the Woodland Trust to honour those who fell in the First World War. The determined cadets are aiming to raise more than £1 million through fundraising for the ambitious project which will span the four years of the war centenary. The aim of…

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Scotland’s finest new native woodland celebrated


A forward thinking Ayrshire estate has been awarded the trophy for New Native Woodland in Scotland’s Finest Woods Awards. Over the last 12 years more than 170 hectares (420 acres) of native woodland have been created by Mark Gibson at Craigengillan Estate, alongside over 18 kilometres of hedging. The woodland was one of 60 Diamond Woods created across the UK to mark Her Majesty The Queen’s Jubilee and local schoolchildren were heavily involved in its creation. Four new woods were commended as good examples of how woodland can enhance other land uses including farming, and also demonstrating that native species…

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