June 19, 2018

Barcham supplies flowering cherries for Cobham’s new Remembrance Avenue


Barcham Trees’ David Johnson says he is proud the Cambridgeshire nursery was chosen by Elmbridge Borough Council, Surrey, to supply and plant the 46 young flowering cherry trees which were planted in February 2018 as an Avenue of Remembrance on Tilt Common, Cobham. The avenue replaces the original trees, which were planted in 1946 and dedicated by Cobham’s Women’s Institute to honour the memory of local servicemen killed in World War Two. The Avenue of Remembrance is to be re-dedicated on Sunday 8 April at 12.30pm, and David Johnson will represent Barcham at the event. He explained “The original trees…

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Confor states impact of Phytophthora ramorum on Sitka spruce is likely to be “localised and minimal”


The Scottish tree health aerial reconnaissance and follow-up ground surveys discovered two small isolated findings of Phytophthora ramorum on Sitka in 2017. Confor have been in close contact with Forestry Commission Scotland’s tree health team and Forest Research’s leading pathologist Dr Joan Webber. In response to a request for comment from the Sunday Herald, Confor Chief Executive Stuart Goodall said: “Sitka spruce is a mainstay of Scotland’s forestry and wood processing industry, which is worth £1 billion annually to the economy and supports more than 25,000 jobs. Therefore, we take this news very seriously, and are working closely with Forestry…

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CityTree’s ‘moss filter’ absorbs as much pollution as 275 trees


A new kind of bench developed by German green technology firm Green City Solutions is being trialled by Westminster city council. The ‘living wall’ moss technology, dubbed the CityTree, uses a combination of mosses, cultivated to thrive in urban areas, and is meant to have the capability to remove air pollution from the air. The developers claim that the instillation can remove air pollutants, including nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter from the surrounding area by up to 30%. The installation powers itself with solar panels, with rainwater collected and automatically redistributed using a built-irrigation system, providing the shade and moisture…

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Call for trees to be used as a technique to help ‘combat flooding’


City of Trees, a leading environmental charity, is calling for trees to be used as a technique to combat flash flooding in cities and towns, as well as cleaning polluted water. Flash flooding is becoming an increasing problem particularly in urban areas. As the population in the UK continues to grow, more green space is being built on which means a reduction in the amount of space for water to drain naturally into the ground. This loss of green space means that more and more rainwater enters into our sewers which were not designed to cope with the rising number…

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Volunteers plant nearly 500 trees in Oulton


Volunteers from Bonds Meadow Community Association have turned out to plant almost 500 trees in a popular ‘wildlife haven’. The initiative has been conducted through the Woodlands Trust, with trees being planted across four separate woods. Each species have been planted to provide appropriate habitats, colours and fruit to the mammals and birds inhabiting the conservation area. The seven acres of woodland, meadows and ponds which make up this area of land are managed by 16 volunteers, who make up every Tuesday morning at Dixon Drive and Hall Road in Oulton. Project manager Peter Aldous said: “We had a very…

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Andy Burnham helps Bolton pupils plant first site of 120 mile new Northern Forest


School children, spades at the ready, are this week turning out in force to play a hands on role in creating a greener landscape for their future. Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham joined them on Wednesday 14 March to plant trees at Smithills, the first site of the ground-breaking new Northern Forest. Conceived by the Woodland Trust and England’s Community Forests, including City of Trees in Greater Manchester, Government provided £5.7m to kick-start the £500m project in January. This week sees the first of the trees going in to the ground at the Woodland Trust’s new Smithills site on the edge…

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Planting starts for Anglesey’s “red squirrel corridor”


A “red squirrel corridor” is to be planted across Anglesey in a bid to boost the red squirrel population. Around 150m of hedges will be planted, along with 600 trees are part of a three-year long forest project, which will see a total of 100,000 trees and 7.5 miles of hedges planted in four corners of Wales to help connect existing woodlands. Dr Craig Shuttleworth of Red Squirrels Trust Wales said it was “a fantastic way of helping native wildlife”. Anglesey’s newly-planted hedges and trees will connect to a planned squirrel bridge, which crosses the A4080 and a further 400m…

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Ted Green’s Barcham Tree seminar back by popular demand


So highly regarded by tree care professionals is Ted Green MBE that the demand for places at the Barcham Trees seminar he is leading on 21 March 2018 far exceeded the capacity of the nursery’s lecture room, resulting in him repeating the day later in the year. His presentation “Thoughts on Arboriculture Today” will explore tree archaeology, consider the first arborists and look at how trees provided forgotten food. Ted Green is a champion of ancient trees, believing they should be seen as historic living monuments, founder president of the Ancient Tree Forum and conservation consultant to the Crown Estate,…

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2018 Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award Recipients Announced from the UK and Canada


The Institute of Chartered Foresters is pleased to announce the four recipients of the 2018 Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award. The Institute’s Student members Tom Haynes and Michael Wilson from the University of Cumbria were selected among talented competition as the United Kingdom applicants, while Daniel Root from the University of Toronto and Erin Pearson from College of the North Atlantic were selected among top Canadian recipients. Now in its fourth year, the Award program is fully endorsed by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. The Award program is a UK-Canada partnership between The Prince of Wales’ Duchy…

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Historic first planting of ‘groundbreaking’ Northern Forest

Northern Forest

The ambition to create a Northern Forest spanning 120 miles took root yesterday on the hills above Bolton. The first of 50 million trees to be planted over the next quarter of a century from Liverpool to Hull will be put in the ground by local community representatives, volunteers, funding bodies, government ministers and MPs. This varied army of planters is an indication of the breadth of expertise, money, influence and enthusiasm needed to pull off landscape change on such a scale. Conceived by the Woodland Trust and the four Community Forest projects active across the area, Government provided £5.7m …

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