October 16, 2018

104 trees could be felled for Ed Sheeran concert crowd


Ed Sheeran was previously set to perform an open air concert in Germany this summer, however a high volume of trees may have put a spanner in the works. The popular musician was hoping to perform in Düsseldorf on July 22 and 85,000 tickets have already been sold. But the concert has been thrown into doubt after conservationists objected to plans to fell 104 trees at the venue to accommodate the crowd. It is the second time the concert has had to be cancelled, after it was moved from the original venue in nearby Essen. First there were fears Mr…

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Perennial launches online budgeting tool to help manage finances


Perennial, the UK horticulture industry’s charity, has launched an online budgeting tool to help people understand their financial position and plan ahead. As the cost of living continues to rise beyond that of economic recovery, more and more people working across the UK horticulture sector are struggling to make ends meet, or are unable to put anything by for savings or emergencies. Taking control of finances, particularly when earning a low wage, is not easy but Perennial’s new online tool is designed to help people manage their money and to suggest changes to improve their finances. Matthew Cooper, debt advice manager at Perennial, says: “Creating a budget is important because…

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Tree project for Shoreham launches


The Shoreham Society is launching a new project with the aim of bringing more trees to the town. The idea came from Rosslyn Road residents, who recently planted nine new trees. The society thinks this could be done in other parts of the town and has begun by considering possible sites. Shoreham-by-Trees will be launched at St Peter’s Church hall, West Street, Shoreham, on Friday at 7.30pm. Adrian Towler, from the society, said: “Alongside this is a project to beautify some of the unloved spaces in the area. It’s been dubbed SOS: Shoreham Open Spaces by society member Denise Binks….

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Michael Gove will tell councils to stop tree felling to cut costs


Councils will be told to stop felling thousands of trees to slash costs after the environment secretary appointed an expert to protect them. Michael Gove said Sir William Worsley — chair of the National Forest Company — would “rapidly drive forward planting rates and prevent street trees being felled”. The Cabinet minister last year accused council chiefs of “environmental vandalism” for chopping down trees. It came after he branded a scheme by Sheffield city council which felled more than 4,400 trees over the past five years as part of a £2.2bn road maintenance contract with Amey as “bonkers”. But the…

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How to stay safe working near electricity power lines


Contact with electricity results in serious injury or even fatalities. UK Power Networks distributes more than a quarter of the UK’s electricity to London, the South East and the East of England, using overhead and underground power lines and substations. The company is urging workers to remember that where tree cutting equipment or machinery is used near overhead power lines, the risk must be considered and controlled. The Be Bright Stay Safe campaign supports safe working and behaviours, encourages the sharing of information and knowledge, and highlights the real risks of coming into contact with electricity. The campaign is reminding…

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The oldest trees in Africa are dying, and scientists are stumped

In South Africa, the Limpopo province, a baobab tree once grew so large and stood so strong that its human neighbors decided to do the obvious: They built a pub inside the living tree’s thousand-year-old hollow trunk, which measured more than 150 feet around and enclosed two interconnected cavities. For two decades, the Sunland baobab attracted tourists wanting to knock back a pint in a tree. But in August 2016, one of the monster stems forming the interior wall cracked and collapsed. Eight months later, another huge chunk toppled over, and now, five of the giant Sunland stems have collapsed and died, leaving only half of the…

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Trees on farms essential to improve environmental protection post Brexit


Major agroforestry trials should be established during the EU withdrawal period Brexit, according to a report launched 12 June by the Woodland Trust and Soil Association. Government support for farmer-led research and innovation networks seeking to integrate trees and agriculture should also be trialled according to the policy document “Agroforestry in England: Benefits, Barriers and Opportunities.” Agroforestry, the combination of trees and shrubs with agriculture, involves rows of trees through arable crops like wheat, dotted through pasture like parkland, or planted close together to provide cover for plants and animals. Combining trees and farming can increase productivity, diversify farm businesses,…

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TREE AID striving to improve life in poverty stricken communities


In Ethiopia, 11.9% or approximately 13 million hectares of land is forested. Between 1990 and 2005, the country lost 14.0% of its forest cover. This, coupled with frequent droughts, has seen the agricultural sector in Ethiopia suffer over recent years; having devastating effects on the communities living there who rely on the land for survival. TREE AID works with communities across Ethiopia and the African drylands (Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali, and Ghana) to help lift them out of poverty – through the power of trees. Tackling poverty and protecting the environment are inseparable. One area where TREE AID has been working…

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More than 1,500 trees unlawfully felled in Dundee


As reported previously, trees were cut down on land next to Swan House at the Technology Park — with concerns raised that the work took place during nesting season. It has now been confirmed that neither the commission nor Dundee City Council had given the go-ahead for the trees to be chopped down. However, the commission is still trying to establish the identity of the land owner and who was responsible for the felling taking place. Officers for the commission are preparing a report into the matter, following discussions with Police Scotland and Dundee City Council. Environmental campaigner Stephen Cragg,…

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Protesters trying to save Sheffield street trees avoid jail


Three tree campaigners have avoided jail after being found in contempt of court for demonstrating against tree-felling work in Sheffield. Simon Crump, Benoit Benz Compin, and Fran Grace were taken to court by the city’s council as part of a long-running dispute over the city’s plans to fell up to 17,000 trees. A judge at the high court in Sheffield on Thursday found that the trio had breached an injunction by entering “safety zones” around trees to stop them being chopped down. The judge, Mr Justice Males, gave both Crump and Compin a two-month jail sentence, suspended for one year. He decided no…

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